Our Policies

Editorial Policy

Dim Sum and Then Some is completely editorial. We are letting you know about things we love, not things that people are paying us or persuading us to love. If we don’t adore it or think it is something you should be aware of, we won’t put it on the website or in the emails. There may be advertisements on the site or on the emails (gotta pay our bar tab somehow), but all sponsored emails will be clearly labeled as “Special Dish” and will not appear within the editorial content of the email or website posting.

Privacy Policy

Dim Sum and Then Some takes your privacy very seriously. We will never share, rent, lease, or sell your personal information, including e-mail address, to any third party for marketing purposes without your express permission. In order to supply you with our weekly email, we will need your e-mail address. We will not collect any other personal information that you do not expressly provide.

We will from time to time ask you for non-personal information to better understand your demographic and profile, but this information is optional to provide. We use this data to improve our site and better understand your interests so as to provide more useful and valuable information to you. We may also share this non-personal information with others, including advertisers who are interested in advertising on our site or in our emails. This information will not be linked to you personally in any way and will be provided anonymously and in aggregate form.

In addition to the information that you provide, Dim Sum and Then Some will also collect non-personal, aggregated information about subscribers’ use of our emails and our site. We will use cookies and other technologies to enhance your online experience and learn how you use our services in order to improve the quality of our services and website.

Upon request, you will be provided with your personal profile that we have in our records. You may at anytime update or change this information by contacting us. If at anytime you wish to stop receiving emails or updates from Dim Sum and Then Some, please click on the link provided, and all emails will stop.