8-7-6 Ginza
+81 (3) 3571 6523

So you are in Tokyo, and you obviously need to eat some sushi . . . you’d better eat the best. Known by locals and expats as the absolute top sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Kyubei, will absolutely blow you away. The freshest and best sushi is served and prepared for you by some of Tokyo’s master sushi chefs. You don’t really order off a menu, they just serve and entertain you, and after a few bottles of sake you all speak the same language. You may not be able to send the kids to college after a meal here, but for melt in your mouth sushi it’s almost worth it. Because this place is so expensive, we feel we need to warn you again. Just hand them your credit card, look away, and feign ignorance at exchange rates when you get your statement.

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