Horizon Plaza

2 Lee Wing Street
Ap Lei Chau

Shopping for Furniture? Then make your first stop Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau. With over 200,000 square feet dedicated to furniture and basically everything else for your house (toys, bbq’s, wine!), this is the place to go. Set aside a Saturday, eat a big breakfast, and get yourself mentally prepared to take on this huge warehouse type building. May we offer one teeny, tiny suggestion? Take the old, slow elevator all the way to the top first, and work your way down on the stairs. It’s too slow and will drive you crazy if you try to take it floor by floor going up. A few more suggestions while we’re at it? Take a pen and paper (and digital camera if they’ll let you take a photo), so you can remember what store and what floor you saw the 8th white linen couch you liked. If you have gotten out of there without ending a relationship and with one item of furniture, consider it a success… there is always next Saturday to look for the coffee table!

A few shops we love:

- Tequila Kola 1/F
- Shambala 2/F
- Irony 11/F
- Indigo 18/F
- Everything Under the Sun 16/F
- The Birdcage 22/F

While you’re there, why not pop in for a few reduced price designer pieces and products for you:

- Lane Crawford Warehouse 25/F
- Joyce Warehouse 21/F

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