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There’s no better way to get your brain cells back into robust action than to start learning a new language. With four different tones and no formal alphabet, Mandarin will be sure to give those sleepy neurons a work out. It will also look great on your resume and given a few months, you may be able to negotiate in Chinese around your office, or better still, around the stores! Or, why not indulge in an Italian, French or Spanish course, which will conjure up memories of holidays on the Riviera while you work your way up to sounding like a native speaker in preparation for next summer.


Jing Ying Chinese Language Institute, Contact Ms. Liu: 9602 6205 (highly recommended for one-on-one tutoring)

Executive Mandarin, 2537 0835,


Dante Alighieri, 2832 9799,


Alliance Francaise, 2527 7825,


Spanish Language and Cultural Programmes, 2526 9927,