If you’ve always wanted to take up dancing but could never decide between salsa, swing and hip hop, why not try Ceroc, which miraculously combines all three! Originating from the jitterbug, which was taken from the US to France during WWII, infused with a seductive Latin flair and dubbed “C’est le Roc”, this unique style of dancing incorporates 500 moves, which can be danced to almost any song and don’t require too much fancy footwork. . . so they’re perfect even for people who don’t know their box step from their ball change! This worldwide craze has swung into Hong Kong with a fabulous group of well-trained instructors who conduct weekly Ceroc Nights including a tutorial followed by a full on dance party where you can try out your new moves, along with new partners every 30-seconds (how about those odds!). They switch up the venues every few months, but each Ceroc Night promises to be a high-energy, fun filled event that will spin you silly and leave you breathless!

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