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June 19, 2008

Will & Grace

Once upon a time there was a little pig-tailed goody goody who took pride in her immaculate frills and perfect curtsies and never stepped out of place. However as time passed, Little Miss Graceful had to learn how to negotiate the streets of SoHo, dodging flying sparks, leaking rubbish carts and maniacal taxi drivers, all while trying to keep her balance in teetering heels on the treacherous slopes. Needless to say, the virtue of grace has gone out the window. While you might not currently have all of the poise of your youth, with a little inspiration, we’ll have you turned back into your former perfectly polished self, tout de suite! In our non-stop frenzied city, she may not be easy to find, but where there’s a will there’s a way…

Asia Yoga Conference, July 3-6
Calling all yogis and yogi wannabes, Evolution Asia Yoga Conference is stretching it’s way into town and what better way to improve your posture and assume a Zen-like composure than perfecting this timeless art with the world’s most renowned gurus. With over 150 classes during the four day period including philosophy forums, nutrition and anatomy lectures, targeted flow and meditation practices and half and full-day yoga intensives, both mind and body are sure to be fulfilled and inspired. Open your heart with yoga legend John Friend, heal your injuries with the amazing Ana Forest, or take a sacred leap with HK’s very own Patrick Creelman. In the evening hours, hang up your stilettos and sequin mini-dress in favor of bare feet and flowing pants at classes like Yoga Dance Bollywood Fusion or Jivamukti Hip Hop Asanas, guaranteed to have you more tightened and toned than any model you would have seen at Dragon-I (well almost!). (July 3-6, HKCEC,

Cirque du Soleil ZAIA, starting July 26
Next time you think you’re having a tough day, try tiptoeing across a tightrope suspended 3-stories in the air with a tower of people on your shoulders. Welcome to the agile world of Cirque du Soleil. Soon to be a permanent fixture at The Ventian Macao, Cirque du Soleil’s latest and most dazzling production, ZAIA, will be a fantastical voyage for the senses. Travel out of this world and back on a young girl’s imaginative journey through the stars and planets presented through dance, movement and aerial acrobatics. This awe-inspiring performance will bring together 75 top performing artists from across the globe who will take you on a memorable journey through time and space as they float, flip and fly through the air. And though you may never master the art of tightrope walking yourself, you may be inspired to kartwheel your way into work the next morning! (Starting July 26, The Venetian Macao,

Coppélia, August 22-24
Just when you thought pliès and pirouettes were a lost art, the HK Ballet is taking a giant leap onto the world stage with prima ballerinas galore in an array of upcoming ballets including Coppélia. Coming in August, the wonderfully witty Coppélia tells the endearing and comic tale of Dr Coppelius, an eccentric old inventor who fools villagers with his creation of a beautiful mechanical doll who soon captures the hearts of everyone who sets their eyes on her. The ballet’s superb choreography and bright, jovial feel along with Guidi di Bagno’s gorgeous set and costumes not only makes for wonderful entertainment but will also have you dancing on your tippy toes all around town. (August 22-24, Grand Theatre,
Hong Kong Cultural Centre

After this summer’s enlightening escapades, perhaps you’ll live gracefully ever after, after all.

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