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January 15, 2009

Warm Ups

The news is broadcasting cold weather warnings, the nightly wind chill has necessitated you pulling your never-worn-before fur stoles out of the closet, and for some unbeknown reason, everywhere you go the air-con is still on full blast. What’s a girl gotta do to get warm around these parts? We have a few creative ideas to put a cosy, rosy glow back into your cheeks…

Wrap It Up
Every night you long for a super-hydrating miracle working all-over body balm and a big heated blanket. In reality your skin is completely parched and you have icicles hanging off your nose in the morning. Plateau Spa at the Grand Hyatt is here to the rescue with its new Hydrating Paraffin Body Envelopment (HK$990). Designed for winter’s dehydrating climate, this 75-minute warming treatment begins with a Fleur de Fleur Body Scrub, followed by a nourishing Plant Oil application using Swedish massage. Next comes the indulgent part, the therapist enveloping your body in a warm Peach Paraffin wax from Spain, which is filled with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants to boost radiance and deeply nourish the skin, followed by a relaxing scalp massage…guaranteed to melt even the most frosty ice queens! (2584 7688)

Take a Dip
There’s nothing better in the chilly weather than snuggling up in front of a roaring log fire. The Reading Room at The Verandah is here to provide the backdrop for your winter fantasies and take them to a new level of delight. While you enjoy the glowing, crackling flames of the picturesque fire, you can also devour a feast of decadent cheese fondues, available at dinner until February 6th. Take a dip into Gruyere and Raclette cheese fondue with saffron and sun-dried tomatoes (HK$388 for 2) or indulge in Black Truffle and Champagne fondue with Emmental and Tilsiter cheese (HK$458 for 2). Every fantasy’s got to have a sweet ending and this one is no exception. To finish off the evening, tickle your taste buds with decadent Chocolate fondue using Swiss Lindt chocolate accompanied by berries, brioche and marshmallows (HK$258 for 2)…it’s the stuff that dreams are made of! (2292 2822)

Have a Sip
The thought of it has accelerated your pace down many a ski slope, and you looked forward to winter solely because you could justify having unlimited doses of it every day. It’s the season’s signature sweet treat, hot chocolate! And the new and gorgeous VERO Chocolate Lounge at Fenwick Pier makes a cup of it like you’ve never tasted before. Chef Koo, formerly of the Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop, uses only premium natural chocolate grown in South America and pure milk to make their Xocolatl hot chocolate (no sugar added, it’s practically dietetic!) and the taste is sinfully delicious! A small, but perfect cup of the hot stuff is topped with a melting chocolate lid and a piece of gold leaf in VERO’s signature artisan style (HK$35). This harbour view spot may be a hidden gem now, but it won’t be a secret for long. Along with your hot choc, you can enjoy a platter of confections from the Autumn Winter Collection including Apricot + Prune Scotch, Calamansi Mallow, Red Hazelnut, Pink Himalayan Caramel and Chinese Tangerine (HK$68). Soon to come, a pastry corner featuring Chef Koo’s latest innovations…even better to dip into our favourite winter bevvy! (2559 5882)

If these don’t warm you up, it may be time to get creative in other ways…!

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