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July 30, 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf

You’ve been chanting ‘go green’ since An Inconvenient Truth, singing ‘natural, carbon-neutral and sustainable’ since The 11th Hour, and speaking in ‘natural or organic” tongues since Food Inc. But despite your best efforts to become an eco-warrior, your current diet has become a startling mix of questionable meats, snacks from 711 and Starbucks Frapuccinos, and the closest you’ve come to a fresh fruit or vegetable in the past few weeks was the olive in your martini last night. Meanwhile, your kitchen still retains a slight odor from your attempts to create natural skin products from scratch this winter, and your handmade yak wool dress from Mongolia received a lukewarm response at your spring dinner party.  It’s time to put down the street meats, hang up the frock, set aside the mango mask, and get ready to turn over a new leaf with HK’s exciting new wave of eco-chic offerings…

EAT: Homegrown Foods

Take a bite of integrity, served with a side of ethically organic sustainability, with Hong Kong’s newest ‘farm to table’ delivery service.  Developed by the group behind Posto Pubblico, Homegrown Foods brings chemical free produce from local family farms directly to your dinner table, less than 24 hours from the time it was picked. Receive weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of seasonal vegetables with either a 5-week trial package or 6 and 12-month schemes, or give HK’s most recently harvested veggies a one-time whirl by ordering a basket for a special dinner.  As a newly converted “locavore” you’ll reduce carbon emissions and support the local farming industry, while still ensuring your food is clean and pesticide free. Plus you’re guaranteed to eat more veggies if they’re actually handed to you on a platter.  Your long awaited summer detox starts now… (

TRY: Elemental Herbology Refreshing Summer Ritual

Already a cult favourite among British beauty editors, Elemental Herbology’s natural, results oriented products, have recently landed in Hong Kong at both MiraSpa and Joyce Beauty.  Committed to producing products from natural plant, mineral and marine actives and pure flower oils, and using companies that support environmental projects and help to sustain local communities, Elemental Herbology’s green credentials are impeccable and their products speak for themselves.  Pamper yourself guilt (and chemical!) free this summer with MiraSpa’s 2 hour and 30 minute Elemental Herbology Refreshing Summer Ritual including a Complimentary welcome smoothie, Refreshing Lemon and Lime Foot Wash, Invigorating Himalayan Salt and Green Tea Body Scrub, Aromatic Massage, Refreshing Cold Stone Facial, Set lunch at WHISK, Full day’s access to the pool, fitness and heat facilities, and a Take-home travel gift of your favourite new products. (HK$1900, Available throughout July and August, except Sundays, 2315 5500,

WEAR: niin

Forget ankle booties, this year’s hottest trend is eco-friendly items that are hand crafted from natural materials.  Next time you are searching for a bold and dazzling piece of jewellery, look no further than niin, an HK-based brand which strives to use materials and processes that are light on the earth, including maintaining green offices with renewable power and using recycled packaging. Driftwood, beach glass, sea-shells and more have been expertly re-fashioned into your next statement piece. Orders can be placed online, or for a unique experience, visit niin’s showroom, which is a tranquil haven in the heart of Central, completely designed from re-used and re-cycled materials. (2878 8811,

GO: An Evening with Jane Goodall

The autumn ball season is around the corner and this year presents Hong Kong’s First Eco-chic Charity Fundraising Ball, An Evening with Jane Goodall. The world renowned anthropologist will be coming into town to host this groundbreaking evening on September 2nd, which aims to raise funds for her HK based Roots and Shoots student programs to educate and emphasize respect for our communities, environment, and animal welfare.  The environmental consciousness will run throughout the evening, with all decorations used at the event created from recycled or reusable material, all suppliers selected to be as carbon neutral as possible, and a menu created from only locally sourced, organic, or sustainable ingredients, plus every dollar raised will be put directly back into the local community. (Seats, HK$2,500 per person, Private Tables, HK$38,000 for 10, contact:, 9605 5554).

You’re now gifted, glowing and green while still maintaining your stylish, stunning and sustainable self.  Who knows, the next movie they make could be about you!

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