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July 23, 2010

Special Miele Dish: Ice Ice Baby

Candles are beginning to melt on their own, thermometers are breaking the mold, and your previously icy swimming pool is now the tepid temperature of a lukewarm bath. Baby, it’s hot outside, and it seems there’s nowhere in the city to escape the steaming streets and beaming rays… Or is there? Miele, designer of some of the world’s most innovative refrigerators, freezers and cooling systems, will be creating the ultimate experiential Summer Chill Out Lounge for one night only, and is throwing an exclusive Keeping Your Cool cocktail party, which promises to keep your glass filled and your body chilled, now matter how high the mercury rises!

All right stop collaborate and listen
The experts at Miele worked together to create some of the sleekest and most beautiful refrigerators on the market, with exquisite exteriors leading the way to optimal interior lighting and tailored full view designs. Not just a pretty face, Miele uses state-of-the-art air circulation and cooling technology, specifically designed to ensure tip top taste and quality of your food. Crunch on fresh veggies and fruits over a week after buying them or dig into a pint of delectably creamy chocolate fudge ice cream at the ideal temp, no freezer burn or frost in sight!

Ice is back with my brand new invention
Over the past few years, Miele has created the perfect product for HK’s modern, sophisticated urbanites to both store and taste wines, right in our own living rooms. Your favourite whites, reds, rosés and champagnes can now rest comfortably on acacia wood racks, within Miele’s eye-catching, freestanding stainless steel and glass Wine Conditioning Unit. Humidity, odor and UV light is kept at bay to ensure ideal conditions, while racks and temperatures can be adjusted to fit your own personal collection (if only they had something similar for our shoes!). When it comes time to serve or taste, the racks can be drawn out on telescopic runners allowing easy access to your best Burgundy, without disturbing the other bottles.

If there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it
Do these amazing Miele products sound like the answer to all your woes? Pop into the sleek and gorgeous boutique and check out their beautiful refrigerators, freezers, wine storing devices and so much more. All summer long, Miele will be serving refreshing summer cocktails and fresh homemade cookies to all visiting guests. Plus DSTS readers who mention ‘dim sum’ will receive a box of specially made Miele chocolates to take home – perfect to snack on while sipping on your expertly chilled wine!

Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it
Want to experience all this icy excitement firsthand? Join Dim Sum & Then Some and Miele for our premiere Keeping Your Cool Cocktail Party on Thursday, August 5, 2010, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Sip and savour exquisite delights at an exclusive cocktail party in the ultimate experiential Summer Chill Out Lounge by Miele. Tantalize your palate with fresh and fabulous summer food tastings and demos by HK Celebrity Chef AJ Bellarosa of Posto Pubblico and The Lab, a protégé of Jean Georges and Joel Robuchon, who will be creating an exclusive Miele summer menu especially for this event. Revitalize your spirit with delightfully delicious custom summer cocktails and refreshers and with fine wines that are chilled to the absolute perfection. We will be accepting pre-RSVPs for this event starting today. Please email as space is limited.

After a short stint of using Miele’s revolutionary refrigerators and freezers, we’ll all be singing Ice Ice Baby! You might even be tempted to frost your hair!

Miele Boutique
Ground Floor
111 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay
+852 2890 1018

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