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March 11, 2009

Special Lane Crawford Dish: THE INSIDER

Your usual weekday morning goes something like this. 9:15am, rush into work in a dire sweat with a long elaborate story about the mtr breaking down (has this ever happened in history and do you even take the mtr? no). 9:30am – it’s time to get down to business, the information gathering business that is. . . all the blogs have been updated and the internet is humming with the latest news from all over the world. Who’s canoodling with whom, and most importantly who’s wearing what? Minimize Perez and ‘x out’ of TMZ because beginning this week your most important daily update will come from the epicenter of Hong Kong’s fashion industry news,

This week reveals yet another groundbreaking and uber-stylish fashion inspiration from Lane Crawford. Tommy Ton, fashion photographer and creator of the much adored fashion website and blog, Jak & Jil will be guest blogging on Lane Crawford’s brand new and totally updated website starting today. Renowned for photographing the apex of the fashion industry and covering the latest styles, trends and must-have shoes, bags, clothes and accessories, Ton has shot and interviewed some of the world’s most celebrated editors, stylists, designers, buyers, and models. To launch the updated LC website, which will feature ever-changing product news, designer interviews, and trend updates, Ton will be gracing the site with his street-side snapshots and charmingly witty commentary including cult favourite columns like Style Spotlight and Shoe Gazing.

For those of you who, like us, are immediate fans of his blog, you’ll be excited to hear that Tommy Ton is also the brains behind Lane Crawford’s edgy Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign. Entitled THE INSIDER, the shoot was done in Tommy Ton’s signature style-motion shots set against the Parisian streets-and evokes the glamour, obsession and transience that mark the fashion world. Capturing the French capital during the most important events of the year for the fashion world, the campaign invites the viewer to become a part of the frenzy that is Fashion Week. Tommy Ton’s motto is, “Make every day fashion week.” It’s now becoming our daily mantra!

For even more dish on the latest trends and must-have fashion week styles, visit Lane Crawford ifc mall, where an exclusive exhibition featuring Tommy Ton’s work will be held starting March 8.

Now that you’ve surfed, studied and selected your favourites from the new Lane Crawford website, we think it’s about time you get back to work. . . TTYL!

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