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November 9, 2010

Special Hermès Dish: A Tale of 4 Cities

It was the best of times… Grace Kelly strolling on the promenades of Monaco, Audrey Hepburn sashaying down Fifth Avenue, and Jane Birkin taking off on a fateful journey to London.  All three, enveloped in timeless style and sophistication by a piece exuding fabled mystery, storied history and endless enchantment led by exquisite artistic design: An Hermès Scarf!

Fast forward to today, and these iconic works of art are making statements on the necks, heads, waists, wrists and shoulders of modern glamour girls (and boys!) around the globe. To capture the current splashy, edgy and effortlessly chic expression of the traditional Hermès silk square aka carré, the brand sent British photographer Matt Irwin to 4 cutting edge cities to catalogue the lives and loves of 7 distinctively stylish girls — their friends, lovers, secrets, and of course, their scarves. The result? (Translation: I Love My Scarf!)

Follow the twists and turns of this playfully artistic and fancifully fun journey from West to East and fall in love yourself as you witness your favourite cities and scarves in a whole new, colourfully exuberant light.  From bandanas in New York, to belts in Tokyo, to backpacks in London, to bandeaus in Paris, this is the Hermès carré as you’ve never seen it before.  Get a closer look at behind the scenes footage in 5 short films, be inspired by over 250 magnificent scarves in countless colours, patterns and styles, and learn how to create your own iconic look through one-of-a-kind knotting cards, created by Hermès stylists.  Bon voyage!

Follow as alluring Ella takes us from morning café au lait to a motorcycle ride down the Champs Elysees to a romantic tête-à-tête. Watch video.
Her carrés: Etole Plume, Sichuan, and Les Sangles De Phoebus
Her knots: Bandeau Sixties and Riviera

New York
See Harley, Courtney, and Tracy dance along the Hudson River and skip down SoHo’s streets. Watch video.
Their carrés: Pelages et Camouflages, Etriers, and La Charmante aux Animaux
Their knots: Cow Boy, Maxi Sac, and Ceinture Smoking

Escape with Anna to the picture perfect terraces and gloriously green parks of Notting Hill and beyond.  Watch video.
Her carrés: Boutons de Venerie and Tout en Carré
Her knots: Bandeau Fleur and Twilly

Go on an urban journey with U and Kozue through the city’s impeccable subways and vibrant streets. Watch video.
Their carrés: Soiree de Gala and Ex-Libris en Camouflage
Their knots: Pirate and Top au Carré

From city to city and urban legend to countryside tale, one thing’s for sure: I Love My Scarf!

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