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May 22, 2008

Spaaahht On

Gone are the days where massage is simply a massage. Our city is full of sensationally savvy sophisticates and our top-notch spas are providing treatments to match. They understand that between the primping, plucking, pampering and looking pristine, just being you is a full-time job. Whether your pinky toe needs a pick-me-up or your lower back is aching for a vacation, this new wave of state-of-the-art treatments will ensure that every precious little body part is tickled to satisfaction.

Plateau Spa
Are your poor tootsies exhausted from running around all day rushing from meeting to meeting? Is the daily use of your 6-inch Louboutins starting to take its toll (although admitting such a thing would define faux-pas)? Plateau Spa at the Grand Hyatt has created High Heel Relief to come to the rescue of those tired limbs. A tailor-made treatment, which entails 60-minutes of the ultimate leg and foot rejuvenation will improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and reduce fluid retention, all while helping to tone your muscles. You’ll leave refreshed, invigorated and ready for more stiletto action! Alternatively, if the weather is making you cranky and work is giving you Tourette’s it could be time for an all-over complete indulgence. Relax in the tranquil environment of Plateau and savour gourmet spa cuisine in the serenity of the tree-lined courtyard. With a 60-minute Plateau Massage, a healthy spa lunch, and a choice of June Jacobs facial (HK$1,650) or Carita facial (HK$1,880) until the end of August, you’ll be relaxed and radiant all summer long. (2588 1234)

The Mandarin Spa
If you’ve been at your desk number crunching for days on end and the knots in your back are now the size of melons, the time has come to tear yourself away from the computer and head to the Mandarin Oriental for a 90-Minute Day Off. Designed to combat the effects of Hong Kong-ite living from the demands of your high-flying job to your ever-busy social life, this soothing treatment will take you away from it all in 90-minutes of blissful pampering. Enjoy a relaxing soft tissue massage using lymphatic drainage techniques and pressure point attention as well as calming body stretches followed by a nourishing facial. Essential oils of eucalyptus, pine and tea tree clear your head and boost your immune system while a rose hydrating serum for the face stimulates fluid retention due to hours staring at a screen and an arm and hand massage soothes your aching keyboard wrists or BlackBerry® thumbs (HK$1,250). Kiss your computer screen goodbye and take a well deserved day off, or at least 90-minutes! (2522 0111)

Paua Spa
The two great loves of your life are pampering and partying. Well, lucky for you, Paua Spa, has put them both together for their festive and fabulous “Moet and Manicures” evenings. Every Wednesday from 6pm onwards, you and your favourite girly girls or well groomed guys can relax in the spa’s sun drenched mani-pedi space where a 4-seater nail bar, four super-size vibrating massage thrones and a stunning outdoor terrace await your overworked fingers and toes. Indulge in a complimentary glass of Moet & Chandon champagne along with a professional manicure (HK$188) or professional pedicure (HK$218). DVDs of Sex and the City will keep you entertained while ultra-luxe and aromatic Elemis products will leave your hands and feet softer than ever before. This secret spa is modern, gorgeous and in perfect proximity to Soho and Wyndham Street so your newly polished posse can party late into the night! (2522 3054)

Your last jaunt to Thailand was at least 6 months ago and your next holiday to Bali isn’t until September. What’s a poolside prince or princess to do? Spritz on your evian mist, swing your straw tote over your shoulder and head across the open seas (on Star Ferry) to the InterContinental’s newly renovated Pool Terrace including Hong Kong’s only outdoor Spa Pool Cabanas. From these secret open-air pamper palaces, you can relax in luxurious privacy with the ambience of a hidden resort oasis, while receiving exclusive holistic treatments and enjoying stunning views of the harbour. The spa pool cabanas exclusively offer Asian holistic healing treatments and therapeutic remedies using Ytsara of Thailand’s luscious organic products formulated from farm grown herbs, flowers and fruits. With a focus on stretching, yoga inspired breathing and the use of acupressure points, treatments like the Zhi, Nurturing Facial (HK$790), Fen, Sacred Floral Journey (HK$1,200), Heng, Balancing Body Massage (HK$790) and Yuan, Root of Heaven and Earth Exfoliation HK$350 will leave you feeling more zen and inspired than any resort holiday. Bali who? (2721 1211)

Ahhhh, it’s not easy being you, but somebody’s got to do it!

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