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October 15, 2015


You spin twice a week, hit a cardio blast class at least three mornings, Pilates on weekends and yoga every possible free moment in between! Diet? Don’t even talk about it. You’ve said sayonara to sugar and the last time you had a carb, Brad and Jennifer were still married. What gives? True, you’ve lost a few pounds and are looking a little bit firmer but those trouble areas (thighs, bum, and tum) that sent you to the gym in the first place are just staring back at you in the mirror and almost laughing at you with their smug stubbornness. Before you run crying to the couch (or the surgeon!) we may have found the solution you’ve been looking for.

Say hi to HYPOXI. You may have heard of it before or seen that Victoria Beckham was a fan but chances are you don’t know exactly what it is. We’ll get you up to speed… When you exercise your heart rate goes up and accelerates the blood flow around your body. The blood moves fatty acids through your body and gets them ready for elimination. With normal exercise though the majority of the circulation is in the upper half of your body.  The lower half does not get the benefit of increased circulation and the fatty acids down there don’t get to move and just hang out in their happy spot with all of their little fatty friends. (Fat clearly has worse separation anxiety than your King Charles Spaniel).

In very simple terms, HYPOXI increases blood circulation in your specific trouble zones while you do moderate fat burning cardio. When the trouble zones get warmer by increasing blood flow, the fat runs away (much like your university boyfriend).  This is all done in a very cool, very space-aged studio. You can even use your laptop while you do your cardio and you most likely won’t even ruin your blow out.  With their very competitive packages, this can all be for less than the price of a good personal trainer per session!

By now you may be saying, this is way too good to be true.  We hear you.  Let us refer you to some facts. A study was run pitting HYPOXI vs. traditional exercise. In it, 20 women and 16 men were split into two groups for four weeks. One using the HYPOXI-method and the other doing traditional exercise. Both groups lost about the same amount of over all weight, however, the group that did HYPOXI lost significantly more inches in the hips, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs than the group that did traditional exercise. Science rocks!

So before you sign up for another cardio class and curse in frustration that your jeans do not feel any loser, why don’t you give HYPOXI a go?  Just for DSTS readers if you join HYPOXI by 31 October 2015, and mention Dim Sum And Then Some, you’ll receive three HYPOXI Training sessions FOR FREE as well as HYPOXI track pants and sports bag. Hello, HYPOXI!

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