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December 3, 2009

Romancing the Stone

Some people see the world only in black and white. Yes or no, good or bad, delicious or disgusting. While others enjoy dancing between the lines and gaze at the universe through rose tinted lenses while casting a spell of glittering enchantment over everything that comes their way. And so it is with the beautiful, boundless and brilliant sisters behindCalamansi. From their stunning and much adored jewellery line to their instant hit graphic design business, everything Caroline Caer and Agnes Caer-Piras put their minds to is charmed and destined for greatness…

So much so, in fact, that they’re halting production on their jewellery line, Calamansi Bijoux, famed for its groundbreaking catwalk shows in premier locations using real inspirational Hong Kong women as models, and pouring all of their creativity into launching full speed ahead with Calamansi Designs, their ever expanding full-service graphic design firm. Clasps are being replaced with collateral, stones with signage, lockets with logos, and pearls with portfolios, all created with the duo’s signature style and flair.

But as one door opens the other closes, leaving many a die-hard Calamansi Bijoux jewellery lover (like us!) in despair of where to find our future outfit making accessories.Today, we can cast all our fears aside and stock up on enough Calamansi for a decade at their Final Sale where all of their gorgeous creations will be at least 75% off. Pick up any of their 600+ creations made using silver, gold-plating, semi-precious stones and pearls at lower than wholesale prices for today only!

Highlights from the previous collections include classic yet modern fresh water pearl earrings, adjustable rope necklaces with gorgeous natural and semi-precious stones, and pearl and gem filled cocktails rings that can add a splash of chic to any ensemble. Gold plated creations, especially the long necklaces and embellished earrings made waves on the catwalk and around the city. But, the designer’s personal favourites are their heavy multi-stone necklaces made with Citrine, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Pink Opal and more, which have the power to turn any ordinary glamour girl into a full blown goddess!

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a piece from Calamansi, today’s the day to go for it. Visit Calamansi Bijoux’s Final Sale at The Galleria Office Tower (Unit 3-5, 21st floor, 9 Queen’s Road Central) today from 12 – 7pm and you’re bound to go home with something amazing, at a price you never would have dreamed of.

They: expand their new and fabulous business. You: shop the pieces you’ve always wanted at next to nothing prices. Your wardrobe: a rose tinted jewel embellished world after all. Your new mantra: dreams do come true!

Calamansi Bijoux’s Final Sale
TODAY, Thurs Dec 3, 12-7pm
The Galleria Office Tower
Unit 3-5, 21st floor
9 Queen’s Road Central

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