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January 18, 2013

Rock Your Body

If you’re being brutally honest with yourself, so far your New Year’s resolutions haven’t been going so well… Dry January lasted until the 3rd when Hurricane Martini swept into town, there was the incident with the entire box of Sift cupcakes on the 4th (what’s a girl with a martini hangover to do when she gets a sugar craving…?) and your brand new neon pink Nikes haven’t seen beyond the walls of their shoe box yet. For you, the real problem starts with a “G” ends with an “M” and has a “Y” in the middle. You hate the tedium of the treadmill, chlorine turns your highlights green and the last time you attempted to lift weights you broke your little toe and couldn’t wear your Choos for weeks… Well fret not, Hong Kong’s bucked up its fitness game just in time for the New Year. A teenier, tinier more toned version of you now needn’t mean terminally dull hours sweating it out in a room full of cross-trainers and pumped-up body builders. In fact, we’re pretty confident that 2013 may just be the year that you finally get those Miranda Kerr legs, Jessica Alba abs and Halle Berry arms…

Rock Your BodyWe Need to Torq
Like spinning but feel that it doesn’t give you the all over body workout you’re after? Brand new cycling studio, TORQ Cycle, has the answer to all your bicycle prayers. Classes are 50 action-packed minutes of a brand new spin on spinning – think cycling with a dash of Pilates, boxing and yoga thrown in… The fresh out of the box 2,000 square-foot studio is kitted out with cutting edge bikes that record all the key stats from each ride and send them straight to your personal account making progress tracking super simple. Got a bit of a competitive streak? Torq de HK has your name all over it. Ride in a team or ditch the dross and go solo, either way, you’d better make sure you’ve got your cycling A-game on, as throughout the class your performance stats will be flashed up on the big screen for everyone to see.  Completely pay as you go, no membership’s needed and booking through the website couldn’t be easier (you can even reserve the specific bike you’d like).  Isn’t it time you got back in the saddle? (26/F, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, +852 2677 8623,,
Exclusive DSTS Reader Offer: Use code “DSTS” and receive 10% off your first time booking a 10 or 20 ride package.

Barre Crawl
As a child you spent hours pirouetting, practicing your plies and dreaming of becoming a ballerina. But now that you’re all grown-up, the only dancing you do is ill-advised and usually follows several tequilas… Step away from the bar and up to the barre, Hong Kong’s XtendBarre specialists, Flex, to the rescue. After having oversubscribed classes at their much-adored studio in Aberdeen, Flex, decided a Central takeover was necessary. Cue the opening of Flexpress, a sparkly new studio space right in the heart of the city. The perfect way to fill the tutu-shaped void in your life and get killer abs all at the same time, the XtendBarre workout fuses Pilates and ballet to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt your body. Two left feet? No worries, Flex also offers Pilates, yoga, Zumba and fusion flow classes. So now you’ve got no excuse not to amp up that Flex appeal… (Lansing House, 8th Floor, 41-­‐47 Queens Road Central, entrance on Li Yuen Street East, +852 2813 2212,,
Exclusive DSTS Reader Offer: Mention code “dimsum” and you will receive 50% off your first class at Flexpress Central or Flex Aberdeen, and 10% off your first package at Flexpress Central or Flex Aberdeen, when signing up before 31 January 2013 (packages can be used towards classes at both locations).

Mum’s the Word
What with sleeping, eating, shopping, gossiping, a bit of light working and keeping up with all your personal admin, fitting in that forty five minutes of exercise three times a week is half of your problem. You’re sure you’d be an athlete in no time if only you had a personal assistant to fill those rare openings in your diary with work-out dates. Let us introduce you to the next best thing, genius start-up, Mamasan.   Partnering with Hong Kong’s premier health and fitness providers (including The Yoga Room, Impakt, Flex and TORQ), Mamasan is a website that provides listings for work-out classes with availability by timeslot, area and price. Find yourself with a spare hour between meetings? Log on to Mamasan, search for the nearest available class, and book on the spot taking advantage of special discounted prices of up to 35% off. Oh and did we mention that they also partner with some of the city’s most popular spas and salons? Massages and manicures at up to 35% off? Come to Mamasan… (

On Monday evening as you sat on the sofa surfing the web for all the Golden Globes’ red carpet pics (while eating Ben & Jerry’s straight out of the tub), you came across a photo of Nicole Kidman looking willowy in McQueen and couldn’t help enviously wondering how she got her rocking bod. Wonder no more, LA’s hottest celebrity workout has landed in Hong Kong, and Nicole’s its greatest disciple. Lagree Fitness uses a specially created fitness machine, the techy sounding ‘Megaformer’, to deliver Pilates with a punch and burn up to 800 calories in just 45 minutes. Introducing this fitness method to the 852 is H-Kore, a brand new studio on Des Voeux Road in Central.  H-Kore doesn’t run a membership scheme and everything from registration to purchasing packages to reserving classes can be done online, so you have the flexibility to fit the classes around your schedule. But with 40 classes a week and Nicole Kidman shape to get into, you may just want to pack a case full of workout gear and move into the studios indefinitely… (3/F, Wincome Centre 39 Des Voeux Road, Central, +852 2441 9000,,
Exclusive DSTS Reader Offer: Use code “DIMSUM” to receive a 15% off discount on a 10-pack of classes, when signing up before 15 February 2013.

All Gain, No Pain
You’re thinking that this all sounds great, but perhaps a little too much like hard work. Enter the lazy girl’s secret weapon to bikini readiness without the sweat and tears…Maximus RF & DMA. “Sorry, what??” you’re probably asking. Well get your lab coat and nerdy glasses at the ready, here’s where we get all scientific. We’re talking a cutting edge treatment, which targets and removes localised fat deposits. Using a combination of focused radiofrequency technology and dynamic muscle activation, the treatment converts fat into a liquid form, which is then eliminated as a toxin, while also strengthening existing collagen and promoting new collagen stores. A little over your head? Yup, ours too. The short less techy version goes something like this – go to spa, lie down, emerge forty minutes later with less cellulite, wobbly bits firmed and a generally more sculpted, teenier bod. We have it on excellent authority that the results are fantastic, start showing after just two sessions and last for months after. The burning question? Who are the Hong Kong experts weaving this magic? Let us introduce the girls at luxe beauty hot spot, The Skin Gym. Quick, efficient, super friendly and ridiculously knowledgeable, the therapists will make you feel completely pampered while answering all your questions and melting away that mince pie podge. And best of all, when you tell people you’re off to the Gym, it’s not even a lie… (603, 6/F, Printing House, 6 Duddell Street, Central,
Exclusive DSTS Reader Offer: Mention Dim Sum & Then Some when purchasing a 20 minute Maximus RF and DMA Treatment and you will receive an 20 extra minutes with compliments of The Skin Gym.

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