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July 23, 2009

Marathon des Beauté

In the past few days, you’ve been everywhere from the sunglass counters in Causeway Bay to the wet markets in Wanchai in preparation for your summer holiday. Your suitcase is now filled with at least 30 different dresses for every time of day, 10 pairs of heels, 6 kinds of flip-flops, and enough Pucci print to start a small boutique. Everything’s perfectly arranged for your amazing summer getaway, there’s just one teeny, tiny hiccup that remains to be attended to. . . you! If a top to bottom makeover is in order, book in for a marathon of the town’s top treatments, created especially for summer, or grab some DIY cult products for some serious beautification on the go . . .

Getting A Leg Up
If your pre-summer fitness regime has gotten off to a slow start, not to worry, you can still tone up and slim down with a water retention reduction treatment at The Mandarin Oriental Spa. Their Summer Treat guarantees a noticeably svelte physique, plus, if you book it between Monday and Thursday you’ll also receive a complimentary 45-minute facial. The treatment begins with a hydrotherapy bath to reduce puffiness and ankle swelling, followed by a lymphatic drainage massage, a surefire way to get rid of water retention, leaving the body feeling lighter and your legs looking mini-dress ready. For an added boost, we recommend 5-inch platforms! (1 hour 30 min, HK $1350, 2522 0111)
DIY: Bliss FatGirlSlim, an advanced-technology adipose antagonist featuring encapsulated caffeine molecules for quick, targeted skin-slimming, a favourite of supermodels and celebs. (HK$380, Bliss Spa, 3717 2797)

Off in a Flash
If your new teeny bikini will allow for nothing less than Sao Paolo-style waxing, head straight to Sense of Touch for their as-painless-as-you-can-get Haute Wax treatment. Start with a deep inhalation exercise using essential oils to calm your nerves, focus your attention on a fashion mag and let their expert aestheticians get down to business with a special wax formula that shrink-wraps the hair, making the procedure a lot less painful and the re-growth time a lot longer. Meaning you’ll still be as beach ready at the end of your holiday as you were at the beginning. With the addition of your sun-kissed tan, those Brazilians will have nothing on you! (HK$420, 2526 6918)
DIY: Not recommended!

Arching Ahead
Tired of looking at photos and seeing your fuzzy eyebrows mysteriously pointing in two different directions (how does that manage to happen in every shot?). Make this summer’s holiday pic one for the mantel, after an appointment at Anastasia Beverly Hills. The revolutionary eyebrow treatment developed by California’s eyebrow guru to the stars, Anastasia Soare, is now available right on our very own Wellington Street. Using stencils, powders, tweezing and waxing, this innovative technique is based on your bone and muscular structure, contour and features and promises the optimal arch to make your baby blues (or browns) stand out and captivate. Hey, if it’s good enough for Oprah and Madonna, who are we to argue? (HK$480, 3194 3272)
DIY: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit, an at home savior including stencils, powders, pluckers and stay put brow gel is also available at the new salon (HK$1150, Anastasia, 3194 3272).

A Spirited Finish
If your skin is feeling rough and grimy and your insides aren’t looking much better, head to The Peninsula for their exfoliating, relaxing and detoxifyingThe Spirit of Peninsula Body Treatment. With their new and exclusive ESPA product line, Simply Peninsula, you can choose between oils and scrubs to help you either Refresh or Relax, depending on your mood. Begin with a refreshing foot bath, followed by a full body salt exfoliation and envelopment in hot towels to eliminate muscular tension. After this, indulge in a body massage, a detoxifying hand and foot paraffin treatment and a heavenly head massage to clear the mind. So relaxing and indulgent is this treatment, it may actually leave you calm enough to sleep on your flight to St. Tropez! (1 hour 50 min, HK$2000, 2315 3322)
DIY: Crème de La Mer Body Refiner, infused with1.75 carats of pure diamond dust blended with Crème de la Mer’s famous marine-sourced ingredients to stimulate and polish the skin (HK$1000, Lane Crawford)

Win by a Hair
Pollution, sun, heat and humidity have rendered your once glowing and flowing hair so unrecognizable, you’re considering not even going on your trip at all. Never fear, Aveda’s Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy has come to the rescue. This “facial for your hair” uses pure plant oils and quinoa protein, to restore health, silkiness and shine, improving the condition of the hair up to 70%. Lustrous locks will be restored and ready to make their grand head-turning entrance, from the pool to the piazza. (From HK$450, 2868 9953)
DIY: Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, a lightweight, UV defense mist that helps protect hair from sun exposure, minimizing colour fading, damage and dryness while scenting it with the essence of organic neroli and ylang ylang (HK$320, Aveda Salon, 2868 9953).

No matter what time you cross the finish line, in this marathon, you’re sure to come out a winner!

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