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September 3, 2009

Just Dance

No one likes dancing on tabletops in the centre of the dance floor and swinging from chandeliers better than you do, but let’s face it, Lady Gaga you are not. It’s a dream to perfect your dance moves and have all eyes on you (for all the right reasons!). And although your last dance class may have involved a tutu and a pirouette off the stage and face first into the audience, it’s never too late to nurture your inner dancing queen. Dust off your ballet slippers, work on those stretches and quickstep your way into the latest dance sensations hitting the city!

If you’ve always wanted to take up dancing but could never decide between salsa, swing and hip hop, why not try Ceroc, which miraculously combines all three! Originating from the jitterbug, which was taken from the US to France during WWII, infused with a seductive Latin flair and dubbed “C’est le Roc”, this unique style of dancing incorporates 500 moves, which can be danced to almost any song and don’t require too much fancy footwork. . . so they’re perfect even for people who don’t know their box step from their ball change! This worldwide craze has recently swung into Hong Kong with a fabulous group of well-trained instructors who conduct weekly Ceroc Nights including a tutorial followed by a full on dance party where you can try out your new moves, along with new partners every 30-seconds (how about those odds!). They switch up the venues every few months, with the current one being Sugar on Monday evenings, but each Ceroc Night promises to be a high-energy, fun filled event that will spin you silly and leave you breathless! (6695 0084,

Boogie Bootcamp
We’re in full swing of the hottest summer in years and lo and behold your favourite summer mini-dress is a little snug. No need to panic. With the temperatures soaring, there’s still plenty of time to sweat away the pounds and strut your stuff poolside. If the gym is a little hardcore after your relaxing summer holiday, and your personal trainer is being a tad uncooperative (is it that unreasonable to want your cardio to include a lap around Lane Crawford?) then we have the perfect fitness regime for you. Boogie Boot Camp is a new and exciting exercise system that uses dance techniques to tone up muscles, strengthen your core and increase fitness through a fun and upbeat workout based on Hip Hop, Pole Dancing, Ballet, Modern Dance, Latin Dance and Pilates. The warm up music alone will have you raring to go, and the circuit system interspersed with hi-energy dance routines and interval stretching will be a dynamic total body workout. Within no time we’ll be saying goodbye Spanx, hello leotard-worthy torso! (2537 0713,

Aerial Arts Academy
We’ve all seen Cirque du Soleil and stared in shock and awe as the performers swung through the air, balanced on a single toe or held up a line of ten people on the palm of one hand. If you dreamed of running away with the circus as a child or always wondered if you might have what it takes, now’s your chance to find out. The Aerial Arts Academy is opening in Hong Kong this month, making our city the first place in Asia to offer this unique form of fitness and dance. Equipment such as hoops, ropes, silk and poles will be used in the classes, which promise to burn hundreds of calories and work out the whole body during a single session. The academy will offer accredited Aerial Arts Certification from the Asian Academy of Sport Fitness Professionals for those with more serious aspirations (and thighs of steel!) as well as lots of fun classes for mere mortals from Burlesque to Beginner Pole. (9205 7414,

Perfected plies, check. Killer twirls, check. Aerial suspension from your pinky toes, check. Just a few weeks and you’ll be ready for anything from the centre of the dance floor to the centre ring of Cirque du Soleil!

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