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June 11, 2009

Hot n’ Cold

You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no, you’re in then you’re out, you’re up then you’re down… With recent wild fluctuations in weather, mood and time zone, your usually dewy, rosy and ravishing complexion is looking a little below fabulous and your normally calm demeanor has become slightly prone to the odd temper tantrum. To get your temperature back to an even 98.6 ˚F and your skin sparkling, we have the perfect pick me ups for you. From beachside spa getaways right on the South side to dreamy zen-like treatments in the middle of the city, summer’s best new spa treatments are sure to bring the glow back to your cheeks.

The Retreat
Longing for a mini-getaway? Dreaming of sipping tropical smoothies at sunset while feeling the sand between your toes? Beach bunnies, water babies and spa lovers alike can all find their beachside haven no further than Repulse Bay at The Retreat. This new 3,800 square foot wellness destination just steps away from the beach offers an array of sumptuous spa treatments and features a Hair Salon by TONI&GUY and an Eden Café, which serves up delicious organic and natural snacks and refreshments. Highlights this summer include the “Beach Baby” (75-min, HK$980), which uses sand granules from Hong Kong’s most pristine beaches blended with aromatic oils for a unique exfoliation experience, followed by a relaxing massage with The Retreat’s Ocean Lotion to nourish and moisturize. And the “White Truffle Exclusive” (4 x 60 minute sessions, HK$2,680), a hair treatment that uses a unique white truffle shampoo and conditioner abundant in beautifying B-vitamins, for enhanced moisture and extraordinary gleaming shine. Try either of these treatments and you will also be treated to a choice of refreshing iced ‘Tea-tinis’ such as the White Ginger Pear – a blend of white tea, Japanese pear and ginger. Tropical smoothies, exotic treatments and the beach on your door step? Forget Bali, we’re staying in town this summer! (2803 1860,

Plateau Spa’s Crackberry Hand Massage
From taxis to the treadmill to underneath the dinner table, there’s no place too sacred for your ‘berry. Switch it to silent (yes, there is a button that does this!) and give your overworked fingers a little TLC with Plateau Spa’s “Crackberry Hand Massage.” This treatment incorporates a host of Chinese acupressure techniques designed to relieve stress and repetitive strain injuries caused by excessive contact with your beloved PDA. Cypress, geranium and angelica balm is massaged into the hands, which are then heated by hot stones and tightly wrapped in warm towels allowing the muscles to relax. This is followed by a deeply therapeutic massage in which special attention is given to chest and shoulders, hand and arm muscles, specifically in the thumbs and overworked wrists, which are kneaded and soothed to such extreme levels of relaxation, you may almost (we said almost!) consider giving up your addiction. (30-min, HK$500, 2584 7650)

Mandarin Oriental’s Signature Spa Therapies
Drawing from earth elements, the body’s Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Mandarin’s “Signature Spa Therapies” are so zen-tacular, they will have you humming Om in no time! The treatment begins with a private consultation to assess your current state of well-being and which of your earth elements is most in need of rebalancing. Next the therapist uses an exclusive line of Aromatherapy Associates oils to create a specialized blend to help balance and heal your body and mind. Lastly you are treated to a customized massage, using a combination of Chinese and Western techniques along specific meridian lines, ensuring the desired effect is achieved. No matter what state you arrived in, after this 150-minute long session of inspired indulgence, you are destined to leave with a sounder mind and a spring in your step! (150-min, HK$1400 until August 31, 2825 4888)

Sense of Touch
Thought there was no room in the budget for indulgent pampering after daily life essentials (food, shopping and business class)? Think again. Sense of Touch has developed their very own Stimulus Plan to ensure we look like a million dollars no matter what the number on our latest statement says. The Next Move Massage” (60-min, HK$480) is a unique massage treatment that focuses on the areas where your body holds stress, helping to reduce water-retention and toxic build-up, soothe muscles and encourage relaxation. The “Saving Face Facial” (60-min, HK$480), which is especially designed to bring a sparkle to your eyes and smile to your face, starts with a relaxing frankincense scalp massage followed by cleansing and exfoliating of the face, neck, chest and bust area. Next a hydrating mask is applied while a relaxing massage is performed on the arms, neck and shoulders. Available at these deeply discounted prices only from Monday – Thursday between 2 and 5pm, these treatments are the perfect, guilt free escape from a sweltering summer afternoon in front of the computer. Being economical has never felt better! (2526 6918,

There’s one thing you know for certain. . . you (and your skin) will soon be back on the road to recovery!

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