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June 17, 2013

Homegrown Holiday

Work hard, play harder…there are few places on the planet that take this mantra more seriously than our very own high energy HK. But if days spent toiling in front of the computer until your eyes glaze over and blurry nights with champagne for dinner followed by tequila shots for dessert have started to take their toll, it may be time for a little spot of R & R to clear your head, untie your knotted shoulders, and put that glow back in your cheeks…

Enter The Farm at San Benito, an idyllic health and wellness haven, carved out of lush green forests where roosters are your morning wake up call and banana and coconut plantations abound. Board a 2-hour flight to Manila, and be whisked away into the mountains where a little slice of paradise is ready to transform and inspire. Whether you’re looking for a quick relaxing, healthy spa getaway or a full-scale body and mind detox and restoration program, The Farm provides an enchantingly peaceful escape and the perfect antidote to life in HK.

Wake up in your verdant villa and step outside for tea on the terrace with mountains vistas, before heading out to morning power yoga overlooking the languid lake, a personal training session in the “jungle gym,” or a stroll around the property to check out the giant Organic Gardens, which provide almost all of the ingredients for The Farm’s Alive! Restaurant.  One of the first vegan restaurants in Asia, The Farm’s expert chefs have been setting trends globally and won countless awards for their culinary creativity and ability to transform vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits into shockingly satisfying and sumptuous delights.  Dig in to a menu that includes Sweet Potato Spring Rolls, Spaghetti Carbonara, Black Bean Chili, Phad Thai and Chocolate Chili Marble Pie, all of which are produced daily on the property, free of meat, fish and dairy, low in calories, and filled with nutrients.

Now that you’ve fed the body, it’s time for a little work on the soul. Wander past cascading waterfalls and flocks of azure peacocks to the Healing Sanctuary Spa. After a thorough analysis of your lifestyle and ailments, you’re ready to be enveloped by treatments like Hilot Haplos, a Coco Body Scrub, Coconut Cream Milk Bath and traditional Filipino Hilot Massage to stimulate the nerves, increase lung activity and soothe the nervous system, Yin Yang Body Polish to energetically balance the body, and Tibetan Steam Therapy, a 2300 year old practice, used to ward off colds, and prevent and treat diseases, performed by some of the most experienced therapists in all of Asia.

Ready to take your healthful holiday to the next level?  Recently named “Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World” by SENSES Germany, The Farm’s world renowned Integrated Medical Services team of Doctors, health practitioners and nutritionists can advise you on any further services you may be interested in from a few sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy, to a tailored daily Vitamin Infusion Cocktail, to a gentle yet effective 5-day Detox Cleanse to a comprehensive 6-night Specialized Retreat to help you to take your new, healthy lifestyle and enhanced energy home with you.

Ready to slip out of the city streets and into your very own soul nourishing bliss? Dim Sum & Then Some readers will receive a complimentary 90-minute spa treatment and a RAW! Cookbook, when booking any HEAL! holiday or detox between now and September 30, 2013. Just mention DSTS when making your booking.

It’s time to power down the electronics, ease off the sleepless nights and head out of the concrete jungle into a lush, green one… a bright and beautiful new you is just waiting to emerge!

The Farm at San Benito
+63 918 884 8080, +63 2884 8074

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