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January 8, 2009

Happy New You!

After spending the last few days in hiding or sporting oversized shades and a croaky, husky voice when a public appearance was necessary, you’ve finally resurfaced from the raucous carnage that was New Year’s Eve. With your body rested, watered and nourished with dubious-textured acai mixtures, you’ve emerged glowing, sprightly and ready to start the year with a spring in your step. To help you achieve world domination this year (or at least become an improved version of your fabulous self) we’ve compiled a list to get you started! If you resolved to. . .

Exercise More
Why not get fit while getting acquainted with HK’s wild and wonderful great outdoors. On you’ll find a whole array of heritage trails, waterfall pools and secluded ravines to explore as well as recommended local eateries to re-fuel at along the way. If you tend to get sucked in to your couch and doubt you’ll ever get moving without some military-style guidance, then it’s time to ship in the experts at Bootcamp. Instructors will take you through a grueling fitness program held in 11 outdoor locations around Hong Kong. The “new year, new you” package costs HK$1,200 for eight training sessions, between 45-75 minutes, depending on your fitness level. (, 6186 4488) You’ll come out looking like a super hero (assuming you survive!)

Learn Something New
You’re partial to a little tipple but when the wine list arrives at a restaurant, it’s often a case of eeny, meeny, miny, moe. This can all be changed with a simple introductory class at Berry Bros. & Rudd (HK$995), which covers all the basics including introducing wine styles, grape varietals and how to store and serve wine. For the more seasoned wine lover, why not try a new series of classes to give you a deeper knowledge of the world’s classic wine regions (HK$7,890)? (, 2585 6004) If you’re going to become a connoisseur of wine, you can round out your gourmet expertise at Six Senses. Master the art of cooking in fun and informative classes featuring regional and western cuisine. (, 2838 9905) Wine list, meet your new master!

The city is brimming with opportunities to lend a helping hand. At Hands On Hong Kong you can volunteer with a number of different charities in a range of activities, from spending time with the elderly to helping disadvantaged children improve their English skills to helping children with disabilities with their day-to-day activities, all on a one off basis with no long-term commitment required. Perfect for your torrid social schedule! ( If you’re a dog lover then why not contact the The Hong Kong Dog Rescue, who are always looking for volunteers to help them feed, groom and walk their rescue dogs. No experience needed, just enthusiasm and a willingness to get the odd paw print on you! ( Now it’s time to let your own paws do the walking on your keyboard and sign up to volunteer!

By the end of the month, you’ll be a leaner, fitter, gourmet food and wine connoisseur who devotes your time to helping others. At this rate, by the end of the year, the prospect of world domination might not be so far-fetched after all!

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