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July 8, 2015

Fit for Summer! The Top Workouts in Town

When the Mercury rises, shorts get shorter and bikinis get teenier. As your diary slowly but surely fills with beach days and junks, it’s time to kick those last few kilos to the curb, and stride into summer 2015 feeling leaner, sleeker and ready to give those Victoria’s Secret Angels a run for their money. The crack team that are going to help you? Step up Hong Kong’s finest fitness experts…

Bikini Fit
If you mean business about getting your bod in peak condition this summer, it’s time to join the Bikinifit mafia.  Sign-up for a twelve-week programme and get a complete suite of health and fitness services including access to six training sessions a week, 1:1 consultations with your coaches, health and lifestyle workshops, nutrition planning and even Skype consults if you’re travelling. With bootcamp sessions held in four different outdoor locations around the city (Victoria Park, Causeway Bay is brand new for Summer 2015), you’ll get your daily dose of fresh air with your hill sprints and kettle bell swings. Best of all, as it’s girls only, there’s no need to worry about fighting the muscle-bound, macho gym rats for the dumbbells. Summer programmes start on Monday 27July – the waitlists are legendary so get yourself added immediately to make sure that you nab your spot.

Torq Cycle
Want a buff body by the time the summer’s out? On your bike! Well, onto one of the Torq top-of-the-range Schwinn Authentic Cycling bikes that is. Don your sleekest cycling shorts and skip along to Torq’s boutique indoor cycling studio to spin your wheels while engaging in an all-over body work-out courtesy of a dash of pilates here, Muay Thai there with a slug of boxing on the top.  Crank up the revolutions and watch those biceps bulge and abs magically emerge.

If pounding a treadmill or pedaling hard on the road to nowhere doesn’t take your fitness fancy, perhaps pirouetting your way to peak fitness or stretching out on a Pilates reformer rack is the answer. With sleek, modern studios in Central and Aberdeen offering an array of classes focusing on sustainable fitness, Flex will get you feeling Gwyneth Paltrow-esque and consciously uncoupling from those last few excess pounds. Get the body of a ballerina with a little fitness Foteyn-style with an Xtend Barre class, or amp up your flex appeal through pilates and the very sci-fi sounding Gyrotonic Expansion System.

When workouts and diets alone are not cutting it, it’s time to turn up the tech on your training… Enter HYPOXI, a whole new body-shaping concept based on three proven methods: moderate exercise for stimulating metabolism, compression therapy for supporting the vascular and lymphatic system, and vacuum therapy. Using targeted machines to hone in on different problem areas, along with a recommended diet to help you make the most out of your training sessions HYPOXI guarantees a firm, shapely figure in record time. Watch out summer, here you come!

PURE Fitness & PURE Yoga - 
This fitness megalith needs no introduction. Pure Fitness has a myriad of gyms scattered around the city offering light, airy spaces kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and studio-based classes from spinning to step and bodypump to yoga. But, 2015 has seen the Pure family expand exponentially with two new pumped up studios – including nood food healthy cafes – in iconic locations around town. Urban cats can visit the brand new fitness centre that has taken over 6 full floors of the glossy new California Tower in LKF including the world’s first ever 270 degree Immersive Fitness studio , while country kitties can head over to a gorgeous sunlit fitness and yoga studio, located beachfront at The Pulse in Repulse Bay.

Known for having some of the most gorgeous studios and best instructors in town, XYZ promises a spin class amped up with lifting, stretching and toning and fueled by some seriously awesome dance floor worthy tunes.  You’ll emerge svelte, glowing and pumped up for whatever your summer night has in store!

If you’re short on time and long on high intensity workouts – we suggest you give H-Kore a try. HK’s only Lagree Fitness studio offers strength, flexibility and cardio training all packed into one 45-minute power session on a specialised megaformer. A firm favourite of buff boys and girls about town, this is Pilates with a punch, and one session can burn up to 800 calories.

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