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January 4, 2007

Do a 180° at ThreeSixty

A new year . . . a whole new direction. Chemically based shampoo? Not in your shower! Products made by questionable ethical standards? Girl, you must be crazy! A home filled with only organic foods and natural cleaning products? Obviously!

If this is the new you in a (free-trade, non-chemically altered) nutshell, we know the perfect place to help you get started. Regardless of whether you are looking to do a complete turn around this year or just shift in a new direction, you will want to circle up your friends and make a stop at ThreeSixty—the new, environmentally friendly grocery and lifestyle store in the Landmark building—much of which has been created using recycled materials, from the floors to the countertops. With organic, wholesome, natural foods, environmentally friendly household goods and a Wellness Centre staffed by experts in natural medicine, your needs will be covered inside and out, and top to bottom (natural toilet paper anyone?). Plus, ThreeSixty’s partnerships with Oxfam, WWF and the Changing Young Lives Foundation ensure that by shopping there you’ll be doing as much good for the world as you will for yourself.

Even if you’re not a Birkenstock-wearing-save-the-world-health-nut and more of a ballet-flat-I’ve-got-so-many-errands-I just-want-to-get-this-food-and-get-home-nut, you will find everything you need at ThreeSixty. Along with the many unique, healthy offerings, the store also sources conventional products to meet your daily needs (hello, Aunt Jemima Syrup and Pillsbury Biscuits!). All items are labeled and colour-coded as Organic, Natural, Ethical, Functional, Environmentally Friendly, Artisan, or Conventional, so you know exactly what you are purchasing. And, to help you even further, ThreeSixty has a Health Notes kiosk located on the third floor with information and guidance tailored to your specific dietary and fitness needs. Once you’ve loaded up your cart and finished saving the world one item at a time, inquire about delivery. For purchases over $500 HKD, they’ll bring your groceries straight to your door, anywhere in Hong Kong, from the Island to the New Territories.

With your hands free of shopping bags, you can pop up to ThreeSixty’s fourth floor food court for a quick bite. To keep your health vibe going, pick-up freshly blended juices or good-for-you treats at the Mix, Life Café or Kosmo outposts. Or, check out the cooking stations and café areas, which include foods from all over the world and even a rotating sushi bar, courtesy of DOZO!. You’ll love the variety as much as you’ll love all of the free samples!

With all of this delicious, organic food in your life, you will truly feel like you’ve embarked on a health revolution. Take a cue from our recent shopping list: Cheese from hormone free animals. This can’t be bad for me. I should really eat the whole block. All natural, ethically-grown dark chocolate. It’s basically like taking vitamins! Organic wine. I’m such a health goddess, I should have another glass!

Come to think of it. . . perhaps we’ve come full circle.

3/F, The Landmark
2111 4480

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