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September 11, 2008

Back to School

Although it’s been (ahem!) a few years since graduation, we can’t seem to stop thinking of our lives in school time. Every September brings back those same old familiar feelings. . . nostalgia about the end of summer, excitement for a season filled with cooler weather and an updated wardrobe to match, apprehensiveness about the unknown challenges that lie ahead. But, however daunting a new start may be, after a summer of lounging by the pool, jet-setting to the beach and enjoying one too many margaritas, our brain cells are looking a little worse for wear and new challenges are exactly what we’re after. Whether it’s getting a jumpstart on that book you’ve been thinking about writing for years, finally getting around to taking those beyond useful Mandarin lessons or bumping your photography skills up a level from point-and-shoot, we’ve discovered that Hong Kong is full of exciting courses to get our brains back in action. It’s the class schedule you’ve always dreamed of. . . pick up your syllabus here, as Dim Sum & Then Some takes you back to school!

Deep down you’ve always thought that you would be the one to write the next great literary masterpiece. And why not? You gotta dream big! This fall, the YWCA’s Write Start program offers a variety of courses to help you turn your dreams into a celebrated reality. Seminars such as “Chapter One” help you to get your initial characters and plot down on paper while “Is There A Non-Fiction Novel Inside of You?” will show you how to shape your knowledge and experiences into something worthy of a hardcover. (, 3476 1340)

You spend triple the time you do at the office at hardcore dance clubs, have more rhythm in your pinky toe than most of your friends have in their entire bodies and your iTunes playlists are worthy of a Grammy. It’s official, your inner DJ needs a chance to shine. Renowned DJ Tommy has teamed up with some of HK’s best talent and the Baron School of Music to create Color Production DJ School. Courses include mixing, scratching and beat juggling taught in group seminars or private lessons. (,, 2980 3668)

Whether you’re the techno-phobe who has yet to get the hang of Microsoft Word, the cinema buff who wants to create your own professionally edited home movies or the PR maven that could double your business with a quick course in graphic design, Welkin Computer Training is the place for you. With a wide range of courses from quarterly Diploma programs to one-day refresher seminars, taught in both English and Cantonese, you’ll have your mouse groovin’ and your fingers dancing across the keyboard in no time. (, 3605 3322)

Want to make your blurry pictures of HK look more like a jaw-dropping Hollywood film set? Sign up for “Photo Tripping HK: Street” where you’ll be taken to the back streets and hidden gems of HK, uncovering local treasures that will make for a series of delightful photos brimming with character. There will be an experienced travel photographer on hand to help you discover Kodak moments and learn all about the essential elements of photography while exploring the dynamic street scene of the city. (Saturdays, October 4-25,, 3476 1340)

Tired of feeling a wave of panic rush over you when the waiter hands you the wine list? Start twirling your glass and get your taste buds ready for a stint at Vincrest International (AWSEC). Backed by the UK Wine & Spirit Education Trust, this school offers monthly wine tastings and wine education certificate classes for all levels, from beginner to professional sommelier. You’ll be expertly deciphering between Bordeaux, Barolo and Beaujolais in no time! (, 2964 0188)

There’s no better way to get your brain cells back into robust action than to start learning a new language. With four different tones and no formal alphabet, Mandarin will be sure to give those sleepy neurons a work out. It will also look great on your resume and given a few months, you may be able to negotiate in Chinese around your office, or better still, around the stores! Or, why not indulge in an Italian, French or Spanish course, which will conjure up memories of holidays on the Riviera while you work your way up to sounding like a native speaker in preparation for next summer. (Mandarin: Executive Mandarin,, 2537 0835) (Italian: Dante Alighieri,, 2832 9799), (French: Alliance Francaise,, 2527 7825), (Spanish: Spanish Language and Cultural Programmes,, 2526 9927)

See you on campus!

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