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November 19, 2009

All You Can Eat

There’s been a lot to be thankful for recently. Your bank balance is looking a bit more portly after a slight stint of anorexia during the downturn. Your recent bout of sneezes and coughs wasn’t the dreaded swine flu, but in fact an allergy to your new perfume. And against all odds, you managed to nab yourself a Jimmy Choo clutch at H&M and lived to tell the tale. And just when you thought there couldn’t be anything more to be thankful for, now comes one of the best meals of the year, Thanksgiving (aka a holiday entirely dedicated to eating as much as humanly possible). Have a light breakfast, possibly skip lunch and wear the baggiest top you own, we’re taking you for a Thanksgiving feast!

Union J
You would have happily cooked a Thanksgiving turkey, had your oven not been otherwise occupied with shoes. Why not leave it to the professionals, with functioning ovens, at Union J? Especially for Thanksgiving, Eric Johnson and Jason Casey are preparing a classic All-American feast. On the menu are butternut squash and chestnut soup, succulent roast turkey, fresh cranberry sauce, homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. A choice of “mom’s apple pie” or “classic pumpkin pie” for dessert should have you sufficiently stuffed. (HK$398 per person, 2537 2368)

Relish Kitchen
You are a born domestic goddess. Your living room looks straight out of the pages of Vogue Style, your flower arrangements could rival those of Armani Fiori and your dining table is fit for receiving royalty. One small problem, you never quite got around to mastering the art of cooking (we won’t go into the story of when you tried to boil an egg and your entire apartment block had to evacuate the building). Relish Kitchen to the rescue! They have prepared a gourmet Thanksgiving Feast for take-away, which serves 8 people and includes a 5.5 pound brined French baby turkey, sourdough bread, leek and tarragon stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and Thanksgiving relish, sweet potato mash with parsley and sage crumbs, peas, beans and sugar snaps with herb butter, bacon and maple Brussels sprouts, orange glazed baby carrots, pumpkin pie in a chocolate pastry crust and pecan petit fours. Ready to be unwrapped and eaten without a pot in sight! (HK$2500 for 8 people, 3481 1979)

The Mandarin Cake Shop
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a slice of pumpkin pie. But why stop there? The Mandarin Cake Shop has come up with a whole range of Thanksgiving inspired sweet treats to get your mouth watering. Delve into pumpkin pecan nut muffins, pecan pie, apple tarts, praline chocolate mousse cake, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate mud pie, and of course, pumpkin pie. Good thing you stopped at round three and left extra room for dessert! (Available by pre-order for pick up or delivery, 2903 1624)

Mint juleps, parasols, whiling away afternoons on the plantation. . . you’ve always fancied yourself a Southern belle. This Thanksgiving, put on a DVD of Gone With The Wind and turn your home into a real life “Tara” with Magnolia’s Southern Style Thanksgiving. Set your table for a succulent feast including stuffed shrimp with crabmeat, New Orleans-style gumbo, Cajun roast turkey, cornbread stuffing, cranberry bourbon relish, stuffed peppers, garlic mashed potatoes, petit pois with caramelized shallots and bacon, candied yams, homemade four-cheese macaroni, sautéed carrots and French beans. Top it all off with a selection of pecan, pumpkin, praline sweet potato and apple pie for dessert and even Rhet won’t be able to resist! (Takeaway price: HK$475 per person, 2530 9880)

The Café at The Sheraton
You’ve never been one to follow the rules. Who says you need to wait until you finish dinner to have dessert? At The Sheraton’s Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet you can have it all in any order you please. Pumpkin soup, roasted Butterball turkey with stuffing, cranberries and giblet jus, roasted grain-fed Australian prime rib, herb rubbed duck breast with black cherry cinnamon sauce, pumpkin pie and chocolate pecan pie are but some of the options to mix and match. Add in tantalizing treats from the Seafood Counter like freshly shucked oysters, mussels on the half shell and spotted crab and you have a feast fit for breaking all the rules. (HK$398 / adult, HK$188 / child, 2369 1111)

Now that you’re done eating, you can go back to admiring your new clutch. . . it’s the only thing that still fits! Happy Thanksgiving!

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