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July 12, 2007

Action Jackson

Office hours have been long and drawn out, and the weather less than desirable.  You’d certainly be forgiven if it occasionally slipped your mind that the season of sun and fun has arrived…
Take matters into your own hands (or feet!) with x-treme experiences that will blow your mind and invigorate your senses.  Summer is here and it’s time for some action, Jackson!

Where: Sideways Driving Club (
Hong Kong’s very own racecar driving simulator in the heart of Central. Sit in a cockpit with heavy-duty gear shifters, a realistic steering system and brake pedal, and race against the clock, your friends or the pros. You can slipstream, overtake and crash, just like on a real circuit. The complete racing action is broadcast live onto a plasma screen and a super slow-mo replay is available from multiple angles so you can fully admire your driving skills!
Why: You can make like Michael Schumacher and wiz through the streets without having to encounter a single angry taxi driver

Where: Island Wake (
Set in three great locations in Hong Kong (Tai Tam, Sai Sha and Wakeland), Island Wake’s experienced coaches will teach you all the wakeboarding tricks you need to know to look like a pro. Once you’ve mastered the art of wakeboarding, move on to wakeskating and wakesurfing for alternative fun. You’ll never be bored on a board, dude!
Why: Show off how agile and acrobatic you can be in the water as well as on land

Where: Kayak and Hike Ltd.
The waters of Clearwater Bay, Rocky Harbour, Nine Pins and Tai Long Wan await. Explore Hong Kong’s scenic coastline and beaches, paddle into sea caves and arches, and if you’re feeling particularly intrepid, try a full day adventure package including lunch in a local village, swimming and snorkeling over protected coral, kayaking and a short walk to admire the aerial view.
Why: Getting delivered to a private island by chartered jet would totally take you over the limit on your carbon emissions, it’s all about becoming one with nature on your kayak

Pole Dance
Where: Pole Divas Studio
It’s fun, it’s fabulous and it will have you aching for days only to re-emerge with a newly strengthened and toned torso.  Pole dancing is all the rage and the current choice of staying fit with A-list celebs. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to ship in the 5-inch metallic platforms that you’ve secretly been eyeing in the sales.  Practice “The Kate Moss” or “The Pretzel,” and swing round and round alluringly like the dancing diva you are.
Why: Your new seductive prowess will be a shock, even to yourself

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