December 2, 2011

You Say Tomato, I Say Heirloom  Information this precious doesn’t come by easily.  But ‘tis the season of giving so we’re going to let you in on a little secret.  We may have found the best tacos in Hong Kong.  We’re talking palm-sized homemade fresh corn tortillas topped with mouthwatering bites of culinary euphoria.  Introducing Heirloom Eatery.  Home to these sumptuous bundles of perfection, Heirloom recently opened its pretty vintage doors off Hollywood Road.  Brimming with charm and character from its beautifully chic mismatched furniture, to its delicate tea sets to the colourful flowers on the tables and luscious plants on the walls and its towering cake stands filled with freshly baked treats, this is the unique and cosy dining spot packed full with soul that Hong Kong has been waiting for.  Along with the spectacular tacos (slow braised pork or Balinese fish), favourites include the pomegranate topped guacamole, the melt-in-your-mouth chili with homemade cornbread, coriander kaffir lime glazed Mexican street corn and the DIY s’mores with chunks of chocolate and homemade graham crackers.  It is no doubt a feast for both the eyes and tummy.  Now serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, with a side of love.

Tom-ayto, Tom-aahtoh, Pot-ayto, Pot-aahto, let’s call the whole thing… Hot.

Heirloom Eatery
226 Hollywood Road
Sheng Wan
+852 2547 8008

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