June 28, 2013

Who’s Your Fatty?

Now and then you’re partial to a night of calorific excess, but you generally like to keep your dirty secret within the confines of your own four walls. Well prepare to set your inner fatty free with the arrival of brand new NYC export, Fatty Crab.

Grab your best, most roomy outfit, scoot up Old Bailey Street, pull back the sliding door and step into deepest, darkest hipster-ville. Moody lighting, polished concrete floors, graffitied walls, dark red booths made for secret liaisons and excessive over-ordering – this is Meatpacking District chic with a shot of Malaysian spice.

Start as you mean to go on with a Recession Special – aka a Pickleback and a can of Tsing Tao perfectly dirtied-up with a lime and chili salt rim (for the uninitiated a Pickleback’s a shot of Bourbon chased with a shot of pickle brine) – the ideal start to an evening which is guaranteed to get steadily out of hand.

Peruse the menu while you throw all decorum out of the window, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed, it’s that things are going to get messy…

Open with a round of Fatty Sliders – mouthfuls of meaty, sambal aioli doused deliciousness. Keep the Chinese crockery flying out of the kitchen with orders of the smoky, sweet ‘cue glazed ribs; steamed clams in Thai green chili curry sauce; and, the absolute must-try – watermelon pickle and crispy pork – cubes of meltingly tender pork belly jumbled with hunks of fresh watermelon and a scattering of pickled melon rind. Of course no trip to Fatty Crab is complete without an order of the legendary chili crab – enormous juicy halves of Dungeness crab swimming in a bowl of tongue-tingling, unctuous, ruby red chili sauce.

A little extra give left in that elasticated waistband? Of course there is. Finish off on a sweet note with a molten chocolate pudding or two and a round of Prison Sex (much nicer than it sounds, we’re talking – sake, house made strawberry shrubb and lemon juice given a dash of sparkle with a slug of cava).

Rumour has it that a drunk crab walks forwards; legend has it that a human, a few Picklebacks down and stuffed full of crab, scuttles sideways…we’d say if you keep your eyes peeled around midnight each evening from now on, you’re sure to see a cast of fatty’s side-shuffling around Soho.

Fatty Crab Hong Kong
G/F, 11-13 Old Bailey Street
Central, Hong Kong.
+852 2521 2033

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