August 12, 2011

The Spain Attraction For years, the legendary El Bulli restaurant was considered to be in a culinary stratosphere all its own.  It not only consistently received triple Michelin stars and topped ‘best restaurant in the world’ lists but also revolutionized dining through molecular gastronomy, which evoked a wave of global intrigue.  Foodies, celebrities and anyone with an appreciation or curiosity for avant garde cuisine would literally sell their grandmother (or her fortune!) to get a table at this highly sought after gem, almost always to no avail.  And with the restaurant finally closing its grand doors on July 31 of this year, the chance to experience the ultimate culinary golden ticket disappeared forever… Or so we thought. Especially for HK’s worldy food-lovers, El Bulli’s Chef Ferran Adria and his protégé Paco Roncero will be coming to town from 26 to 28 August 2011 for a three day foodie extravaganza at The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong.  Choose from one of two conferences on Friday August 26 where you will have the chance to meet and greet with Mr. Adria himself and hear the captivating story of El Bulli’s success followed by a live cooking demo from Mr. Roncero — “The El Bulli story” at 11:00am or “The Present and Future of El Bulli” at 3:30pm.  Or better yet, combine one of the conferences with an 11-course wine-pairing dinner at Tosca by Paco Roncero on any evening from August 26-28. If you are looking for the main attraction this summer, look no further, your golden ticket has arrived!

El Bulli Chef Ferran Adria
@ The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong
Conference Tickets from HK$1200 (per person)
11-course Dinner from HK$4800 + 10% (per person)
+852 2263 2270

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