January 24, 2014

The BellBrook of the Ball

As much as you might grumble about dull baby updates, incessant smoasting and non-stop streams of pouting selfies, if there’s one thing that social media is amazing for it’s OMGing over that odd-looking child from nursery school who’s now turned into a model (which is almost as great as seeing the cheerleader who made your life hell having piled on the pounds…).

Let’s face it, we all love a makeover. Nicole Richie – from chubby, grubby girl in cheap hotpants to svelte, boho goddess. Victoria Beckham – from faketastic footballer’s wife to icy fashionista. And Miley Cyrus from squeaky queen pop princess to latex-clad twerker…  So when we heard that, Laris, one of our favourite spots for a glam meal, had stripped off its Herve Leger and Louboutins, pulled on its skinny jeans and let it’s hair down, this was one makeover we had to check out pronto with our very own eyes (and tummies)…

Laris reincarnated is the BellBrook – a fuss-free, laidback hangout serving up sharing plates of scrumptious food and some seriously good cocktails. The interior is bright, airy and modern with blackboard walls and ceilings and paper tablecloths to scribble on. We’ve dropped by several times already and on each and every occasion the place has been packed to the rafters with more than a hint of mischief buzzing about.

Get the naughtiness started with a carafe of spiked Bellbrook Lemonade (grapefruit juice, lime juice, gum syrup, Angostura bitters, tonic and gin) or slurp on a twist on the kitsch king of cocktails, the Bellbrook Piña (a Piña Colada with a good glug of cinnamon infused rum). With this volume of alcohol sloshing around nibbles will clearly be necessary. Enter the mac daddy of bar snacks – the Truffle Salt Twisties… we’re basically talking a salty, truffle spiral of crunchy potato chip on a stick – peanuts and olives will never cut it again.

Time to move on to the bigger bites before tipsy trips over to trolleyed (and who’s kidding who, the Jalepeno tequila shots winking at you from the bar aren’t going to help save you from that descent). Not to be missed dishes include the Smokey Eggplant and Burrata Salad, the Butter Fried Cauliflower with Raisins, Pine Nuts and Yoghurt Cream and the Barramundi cooked in Aboriginal paper bark. Feeling like the night needs a little extra bounce? Then order up the absolute must try – the Kangaroo with Wild Bush Thyme and Chocolate Sauce…

Dancing shoes twitching? Well don’t listen to them just yet, there’s one hell of a dessert list to get through first (important to build up a good store of calories to work off on that dance floor!).  Dig your spoon into the Sticky Date Pudding drizzled with a brandy caramel sauce or go bananas over the Coco Agago – a nutty banana ice-cream concoction. One thing’s for sure, the Roadkill Pavlova more than lives up to its name…if the tequila hasn’t struck you down yet, this mountain of meringue, fruit and whipped cream will be sure to wipe you out.

Several hours and far too many shots later, as you finally admit it’s time for bed, we’re pretty sure you’ll be wholeheartedly agreeing that there hasn’t been a better makeover since Sandra Dee pulled on her black catsuit and growled “Tell Me About It, Stud!”…

the BellBrook
2/F, Carfield Commercial Building
77 Wyndham Street
Hong Kong
+852 2530 1600

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