October 10, 2014

Tapas Of His Game

It is rare to have the pleasure to experience a dinner that is a show, where the Chef takes on the role of the grand maestro, providing guidance on a hedonistic culinary journey made for you… Intrigued? It’s time to embark on Zafran‘s newly launched ‘Theatre of Tapas’ dinner.

The Wyndham Street hotspot has only recently invited Chef Pedro Samper to lead its culinary efforts, tasking him with creating a beautiful Spanish menu beyond what the general public refer to as ‘tapas’ and truly introducing haute Spanish cuisine to Hong Kong diners.

As the ‘Theatre of Tapas’ is an interactive experience whereby diners get to tell Chef Pedro what their likes, dislikes, and dietary requirements are, only a lucky few can book this experience each night. Everyone opting for this menu will be seated at the tapas counter, giving you direct access to the Chef and a mouthwatering view of all the delicious creations leaving the kitchen. Diners have a few price points to choose from – HK$500, HK$800 or HK$1000 per person – avoiding any surprise, so you can relax and enjoy the culinary show to follow…

Hailing from San Sebastian, renowned for its Michelin-starred restaurants and  ‘pinxo’, or tapa, culture, Chef Pedro’s innovative culinary creations are filled with flavour, colour and mouthwateringly unexpected combinations in every bite. Although he has included classic Spanish comfort foods, such as pan con tomate, patatas bravas, and croquettas on the restaurant’s main menu, they have no place in Chef Pedro’s ‘Theatre of Tapas’. Instead you’ll be treated to inventive dishes like Cucumber and Basque King Crab Cannelloni mixed with sour cream and a delicate Tiger Prawn Carpaccio with pine nuts as a prelude before the main act featuring Lobster Tail Gazpacho and Cod Kokotxas with clams, garlic and red peppers in salsa verde.

Despite being in full-blown food coma mode, you will not be able to resist the grand finale – Chef Pedro’s desserts. From a mojito-inspired sorbet, which is light, refreshing, and the perfect palate cleanser, to a devilishly delicious chocolate cake, presented as a pair of cocoa beans the size of a brownie, to his personal take on bread pudding complemented by orange flavoured ice cream, each inspired sweet treat will leave you struggling to put down your spoon.

Zafran’s new Chef ushers in a new kind of Spanish cuisine and an experience, which will have HKers rethinking Spanish food – in a good way. A ‘Theatre of Tapas’ is designed “for the passionate foodie, by a passionate foodie” and we highly recommend indulging in this culturally rich and delicious experience. Just make sure you wear something with an elastic waistband – while we don’t know exactly what kind of show the Chef will craft for you, we do know its a lengthy repertoire of courses which will leave both your tummy and tastebuds fully satiated.

After this decadent feast, we suggest following Spanish tradition by heading into Zafran’s live music lounge to baila, baila, baila until morning!

Basement, 43-55 Wyndham St
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2116 8855

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