November 8, 2013

Talkin’ Turkey!

So maybe you’re still nursing that Halloween hangover. We feel you.  You’re definitely not alone.  But take a look at the calendar – you need to get your game face on and get ready.  It’s time to talk turkey.

Folks, the holiday season is officially on our doorstep and once again, those culinary wizards over at The Langham, Hong Kong’s Main St. Deli are making dreams come true with their couldn’t-be-easier Thanksgiving dinner options. Bless them.

Feast without the fuss. A ready-made US Tom turkey with all the traditional trimmings, whipped potatoes, sautéed Brussel sprouts, buttered baby carrots, honeyed sweet potatoes, sage and cornbread stuffing… all of this and more are just a quick email/phone call away and can be delivered steaming fresh right to your door.

And since you’ll be dining in the comfort of your own home, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a turkey-fueled nap on the couch before helping yourself to a slice or three of pumpkin cheesecake or maple glazed pecan pie (or both!). That’ll make for some sweet dreams.

The Turkey-To-Go offerings from Main St. Deli make holiday gorging almost too convenient, and confirm without a shadow of a doubt – if gluttony is wrong, then we don’t wanna be right!

To order, all you have to do is fill out this form, choose from one of two tantalizing Turkey-To-Go Feasts, priced at HK$1,688 (for 6-10 people) and HK$2,388 (for 16-20 people), and email to hkg.msd@langhamhotels.com (48-hours advance booking required). Celebrate Thanksgiving any day (or multiple days!) that you wish, or make it a Christmas feast with a little xmas pudding instead of your pumpkin pie, as the Turkey-To-Go Menu is available anytime from now through December 31. Act fast to take advantage of a 10% discount for early birders through the month of November.

Turkey-To-Go at Main St Deli
The Langham, Hong Kong
8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Available through December 31, 2013
+852 2132 7898

**EXCLUSIVE READER CONTEST:  One lucky DSTS reader will receive a Turkey-To-Go Thanksgiving Feast from The Langham’s Main St. Deli, valued at HK$1,688.  All you have to do is LIKE The Langham HK Facebook Page  and email contact@dimsumandthensome.com.hk to let us know: What is your favourite way to prepare Thanksgiving leftovers (if you have any!)

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