September 2, 2011

Summer in ProvenceIf you’ve fallen in love with the picturesque landscapes and enchanting charm of Provence this summer, you’re not alone…  Oliver Baussan, founder of L’Occitane, aimed to bring the charm of his childhood home in the South of France to the world with his richly scented and beautifully packaged skincare brand.  Now to take us even further into of the natural wonders of this region, Baussan brings us a new brand dedicated entirely to Olive Oil: Premiere Pression Provence.  Located at the start of the Graham Street wet market, the brand’s first Asia store is a beautiful and inspiring escape.  The concept encourages you to use all five senses to embark on a culinary adventure leading you to your favourite olive oil du jour.  Start your journey at an “Olive Oil Bar’ where you can Smell, Taste, Touch and even blend your own oils, before checking out the shelves of multicolor cans where you can See the difference between the various Olive Oil producers, and end with a viewing on interactive screens where you can Listen to the families individual stories. In addition to Olive Oil, Premiere Pression Provence is home to truffle creams, crushed olive spreads, pork terrines, and traditional sweets made with almonds, chocolate and the area’s renowned lavender honey. You’ll leave with everything but the tan!

Premiere Pression Provence
39 Graham Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2805 1599

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