June 7, 2013

Style File: Susanna Soo

When meeting Susanna, you would never know that behind her teeny physique, youthful glow and sweet smile lies a super serious, ultra-passionate fashion designer with talent that’s only just begun to see its moment in the spotlight.

Already a favourite among HK’s top supermodels for red carpet events, S.Nine by Susanna Soo’s glamorously edgy designs in everything from perfectly cut jumpsuits to subtly sheer blouses to amazingly draped dresses, are catching eyes and turning heads on style-setters all around town.

On the eve of her Autumn/Winter Collection Catwalk Show, we sit down with the effervescent Soo to find out about her designs, inspiration and what’s in her shower…

Style File: Susanna Soo

*S.Nine by Susanna Soo has developed almost a cult following of devotees in Hong Kong. What makes it distinctive from other brands?
To me, it’s always luxurious fabrics, semi-couture finishing and details. We are a small, independent design house, that believes in classic and modern luxury with a passion to always strive for perfection. My signature draping technique and the ability to manipulate lace in many of the designs always become best sellers, but it doesn’t just end there!

*What has been your favourite moment since you started designing?
When I see my creation on the client, looking absolutely radiant and telling me how she will be wearing it to her important events and dates, that’s the biggest reward and always puts a smile on my face.

*Your Fall/Winter show is coming up on June 19th.  What’s your favourite piece from the new collections?
To me as a designer, the collection as a whole is my favorite “piece” – each season communicates a certain feeling, inspiration, and mood.

*What’s your favourite trend this summer?
I keep falling in love with things that are Azure Blue.

Style File: Susanna Soo

*Where do you go to be inspired in Hong Kong?
I usually get my inspirations from amazing women I get to know. And fortunately due to the nature of my business, I do meet a lot of them! Some of the names from my pieces are even named after them!

*What’s your favourite place for drinks after a tough day?
I love Quinary’s lemongrass gin & tonic!

*What’s your favourite place to get away?
Usually resort type places with a lot of sun, over looking a beautiful ocean…just simple and quiet with lots of inspirational books to read.

*What’s in your make-up bag?
Currently Brave Red from M.A.C., Lip Glow from Dior, and “Ooh la lift” from Benefit – a real eye-refresher after a long day!

*Let’s get a little more personal. What’s in your shower?
La Biosthetique BAIN DE LUXE and MASQUE DE LUXE, and Neutrogena Rain Bath.

Style File: Susanna Soo

*Your skin is absolutely flawless.  What’s your secret?
Thanks to my mom (I think hers is better)… however I don’t get lazy – I try to make sure I take off my makeup really really well every night. And I am a fan of Sisley and la Mer skincare. I try to go for a facial every other week but if I can’t, I throw on the SKII or Sisley mask…and now I need to also try to put more sunscreen on because I love swimming and sun bathing!

*What’s the one thing you don’t leave home without?
Unfortunately my phone!

Intrigued? Stop in to check out the collections at S.Nine by Susanna Soo’s Hollywood Road showroom and meet HK’s next big thing now while you have the chance…
She’s our cover girl on DSTS today, but we have an inkling it’ll be Vogue tomorrow!

S.Nine by Susanna Soo
17/F, 35-37 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2815 0884
(by appointment only)


**S.Nine by Susanna Soo Reader Giveaway**: Susanna has generously donated 5 pairs of tickets to the brand’s sold out Fall/Winter runway show on June 19th at The Space to DSTS readers. To enter to win, please email us at contact@dimsumandthensome.com.hk and tell us your favourite summer trend.

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