April 4, 2014

Something to Sing About

You’ve heard of Sir David Tang’s latest fashion and lifestyle boutique, of course you have – Kate Moss was over to open the store and you’re a huge fan of David T’s signature mod Chinese-chic style. Your only issue? You’re having trouble with that Tang-tastic moniker… How exactly are you supposed to name drop the chicest shopping spot in Wanchai when you’re not quite sure you’re saying it right? The Tang-twister we’re referring to? Tang Tang Tang Tang of course – the name of Shanghai Tang’s brand new little sister. As always, we’re here to save the day and let you into a clever pronunciation secret that’ll be sure to save your blushes next time you’re doling out hot tips to all your fashionista friends…

Ok – hum the opening bars to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (if you’re more culturally challenged than Paris Hilton, we suggest you get your Google on…). Now rather than humming, sing Tang Tang Tang Tang.

Got it? Good.

Now flag down a little red cab, hop in and sing it to the driver. Getting blank looks? Sorry, we couldn’t resist! Better tell him 66, Johnston Road, Wanchai instead. He’ll dispatch you right outside the big cream Tong Lau that houses gastropub gem, the Pawn. Don’t skip up the stairs just yet though, because the ground floor of that very same building is now also home to Tang Tang Tang Tang.

And when we say home, we mean a far more chic, less pink, grown-up equivalent of the Barbie Dream Home. Tang Tang Tang Tang is laid out like a Utopian Hong Kong apartment complete with hand-painted silk wallpaper and marble in abundance. This is the sort of abode where you can imagine Marilyn soaking in the roll top bath while Fan Bingbing hosts a dim sum feast around the dining table and Dita Von Teese slinks through the dressing room to the bedroom in something small and silky.

Each room is stocked from checkered-floor to ridiculously lofty ceiling with a myriad of fashion and lifestyle luxe that you absolutely know will make your life immeasurably better if you just snap it up immediately. Think monogrammed pouches (very Goyard), fine bone china (very Hermes) and the most elegant Chinese zodiac silk pyjamas you’ve ever seen. Best of all TTTT (come on, Beethoven or no Beethoven, that’s much more manageable), isn’t an out and out wallet drain. That Goyard-esque, monogrammed iPad sleeve? A very manageable HK$550. The Hermes-alike seven piece teaset? Just HK$2,600. The boutique also stocks a treasure trove of carefully curated vintage pieces, from intricately beaded capes to embroidered silk caps and a smattering of antiques from Sir David Tang’s personal collection.

If you love Shanghai Tang (but are less of a fan of the prices), or you’re just looking for a super stylish new rice cooker, the four Ts have you covered. And if you’re feeling a little weary after all that credit card flexing there’s even an in-store bed laid out right next to the nightshirts – now that’s customer service.

Tang Tang Tang Tang
66 Johnston Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
+852 2525 2112

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