December 22, 2011

Shanghai Baby We welcome with love…The Tonno! Home to the legendary Tonnochy Ballroom in the 1960s, this three story, multi-faceted 35,000 square foot building has been revamped and renovated by nightlife tycoon Steven Lo and is now redefined as the Renaissance of Glamour. And it’s easy to see why. This sleek and sultry hot spot now boasts a hip and casual bar, a sweeping outdoor terrace decked with lounge cabanas, a live music bar and a karaoke club with 31 individual rooms where guests are invited to sing their heart out to classic favourites. The highlight? Tonno Kitchen, the stunning restaurant serving up authentic and divine Shanghainese cuisine (must try the sumptuous Lion’s Head and pork and vegetable dumplings!). This in-house restaurant, run by Jackson Ng of former dragon-i fame, serves up delectable preparations of fresh and fiery Shanghainese favourites, which can be enjoyed anywhere in the venue. This is exactly what Wanchai (and your nights out!) have been missing. Don your best Shanghai Chic as we’re off to Shanghai, baby… well, the next best thing at least!

The Tonno
5 Tonnochy Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
+852 3125 3888

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