June 3, 2011

Pop StarIt’s time to take your taste buds on a culinary trip.  Put on a bit of pop music, turn up the volume, roll down the windows, let the sunshine in, and let this sensory journey begin at Cantopop.  This newly opened eatery pays homage to Hong Kong’s much beloved traditional tea diners or Cha Chaan Tengs, but adds its own hip and modern melody.  Pop art graces the walls, the latest chart-topping hits play in the background and every traditional mouthwatering dish on the menu is both 100% MSG-free and sustainably created. Enjoy sumptuous favourites, brought to you by celebrity chef Margaret Xu, including Hawker’s Homemade Noodles Vongole (night market style vongole stir-fried with chillis, black bean and garlic and served with whole egg noodles), Canto Scotch Eggs (a sous vide cooked, creamy-yolked egg wrapped in homemade luncheon meat and deep fried with crunchy organic greens), Canto Beef Bolognaise (not-to-be-missed meat balls) and Fu Yu Ceasar with Hand Shredded Salt Baked Chicken. At Cantopop, even the “music” eggs are singing to a different tune, produced by chickens from the Pop Poultry Farm, where upbeat playlists are piped in throughout the day. You will no doubt find yourself bopping on your seat with a heady mix of good food and fun music, as this new hotspot has all the right ingredients for the making of a pop star.

G/F, The L-Place,
139 Queen’s Road, Central
2857 2608

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