August 29, 2014

Pho a Good Time

If you’ve walked past Pure SoHo lately, you will have no doubt been exposed to the inescapable scent of fried goodness. This is a slightly cruel move by B Ê P, a fast food style Vietnamese eatery by the owners of Nha Trang, sure to have religious gym-goers in Central fighting tooth and nail to resist.

Designed by restaurant superstar Candace Campos, B Ê P has an energetic buzz reminiscent of a busy high school cafeteria and a New York food truck at the same time. There is a hum of chatter as soon as you step into the place, as the hip maître d attempts to attend to the line of people waiting to put their name down for a seat. Luckily, B Ê P has outfitted its entrance with a long counter and chairs, where eager diners can enjoy an ice-cold beer to beat the heat.

B Ê P has found a way to make their eatery stand out amongst its contemporaries in Central by offering a menu which blends Western-friendly Vietnamese favourites along with quintessentially Vietnamese comfort foods. We particularly love the selection of rice paper rolls on offer, especially the ones given a modern twist, such as the rice paper roll with a crispy fish cooked in light batter. Those who seek a bit of comfort food will love the whole page of menu dedicated to pho. This is a dish that many places try to recreate with little success, however, at B Ê P, the broth alone invokes memories of eating at a local stall in Ho Chi Minh city – a testament to the authentic and fresh ingredients used for what is considered a simple dish.

A selection of salads, small bites, and grilled mains adds a dose of creativity to the classically Vietnamese menu. B Ê P’s take on the pomelo salad is a must-try, and if you are particular hungry, you cannot go wrong with their grilled meats.

B Ê P’s menu of alcoholic beverages are enticing and a wonderful complement to the fresh flavours of their food. While diners around us indulged in everything from wine to cocktails, we stuck to beer and fresh lime sodas, which makes the whole dining experience even more authentic.

B Ê P has given classic Vietnamese street food a very cool update without compromising the integrity of the much-loved cuisine. If you have not made your way down to B Ê P yet, you are missing out on a place that can literally transport you to the streets of Vietnam simply through your sense of taste. And, hey, it makes for a great post-workout meal after sweating it out at Pure…

B Ê P 
LG/F 9-11 Staunton Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2522 7533

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