October 10, 2014

Out of the Box

From making the ideal wedding toast (they laughed, they cried) to interjecting a fitting movie line at just the right interval (“nobody puts baby in the corner”) to delivering your jokes in a perfect deadpan, you’d like to think you’ve cultivated your witty side.

But when it comes to cards, you’ve never been able to find one that fully expresses your slightly off-colour sentiments and wry cheeky sense of humor… Until now! Introducing Doodledotbox – a dedicated HK-based online store for uniquely hilarious greeting cardsgift wrap and personalised gifts.

Founded by HK tastemakers Tara Kane and Gloria Lai, the store features the two girls’ hand picked selection of comical greeting cards and heartfelt sentiments for every occasion you could imagine. Forgot it was your co-worker’s birthday, or worse, your wife’s? You’re in luck as Doodledotbox offers fast free delivery of their cards to anywhere in the world. No time to write out your message, buy stamps or make it to the post office? Not to worry cause the Doodledotbox girls have got it covered with their personalized service. All you have to do is email them the message and mailing address and they’ll physically write out the card and send it for you. All this, and it’s actually miraculously less expensive than going to your local card store.

So you’ve got your card set, now it’s time for the presents. When it comes to personalised gifts, these girls have a whole arsenal of ideas up their sleeves. Funny mugs for co-workers, comical dish towels for the chefs in your life and much more.  Their first foray into custom products is a line of baby onesies, made from the softest organic cotton and featuring slogans with their own brand of humor.  Cheeky yet adorable onesies emblazoned with sayings like, “I’ll have a glass of the house white” and “Chicks dig my chunky thighs” are the perfect gift to keep both babies and parents giggling.

So the next time you need a funny card or cute present, skip the stores and think out of the box….Doodledotbox is at your service!

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Also selling at:
Sunday, 9th November – Handmade HK Discovery Bay Sunday Market
Sunday, 16th November – Island East Market
Sunday, 7th December – Island East Market

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