June 29, 2012

Oh, Baby!  You combed the globe searching for the best products for your little babes and as tricky as it may have been, you eventually found the best of the best…. but scattered across twelve different cities, not including Hong Kong. This proved a tad problematic with the adequate upkeep of junior, until fellow mum and business extraordinaire Caroline Williams came to the rescue and opened Tiny Footprints.  A gleaming sanctuary in the heart of central, Tiny Footprints has brought together the best leading global brands in the world of babies including Bonds from Australia, Sleepyhead from Sweden, Dwell Studio from the US, Phil & Ted from New Zealand and many more, all under one roof.  Each product has been handpicked from around the world with an emphasis on sustainable items wherever possible and even the store itself has been constructed using eco materials in the design and recycled light fixtures, making it a safe and environmentally friendly haven.  Aside from the fabulous shopping, parents can rest, recharge, mingle and get advice, and there are stylishly cosy designated areas for nappy changing and breast-feeding. The store hosts an array of useful workshops for parents on a regular basis so that you can ultimately nurture yourself and your little ones while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

So even though junior’s idea of recycling may be saving half of his muffin under his chair till tea, his carbon footprints will be managed long before he can say yippee!

Tiny Footprints
10/F, 1 Duddell Street
+852 2522 2466

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