January 27, 2011

SakesanFilling the Japanese food void that has long been missing along the escalator is SoHo’s newest spot for killer cocktails and swoon-worthy saketinis, Sakesan. Giant wood sliding doors open to reveal red and black lit walls and a distinctly contemporary ambiance while the ever-present black and white classic films add a splash of nostalgic charm. True to this Cafe Deco Group restaurant’s name, there is an impressive selection of sake as well as sake-centric cocktails, including the delicious Senri’s Bar (sake, peach puree, white peach liqueur, topped with sparkling wine), the feisty Gingertini (ginger infused Shochu, Sake, Lemon Juice and sirop de gomme) and the enchanting Belle Japonaise (sake, vodka, lemon juice, sirop de gomme, apple, mint, kiwi and sparkling wine). Enjoy your libations along with signature bites like the Lobster Dumplings, SAKESAN Black Cod or Salmon Miso while sitting at a cozy booth in the back, a high table near the bar or while watching Sakesan’s team of 12 chefs prepare dishes at one of the coveted seats surrounding the action-packed robatayaki bar. After a few delectable cocktails, your taste buds will be transported to the heart of Tokyo and your tummy will be singing…miso happy!

Sakesan, 18 Shelley Street, SoHo, 2525 1660

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