June 21, 2012

Louboutin + Cinderella = Magic!You’ve wished you’ve wished upon a star.  And now, magic wand in hand and a sprinkle of fairy dust in the air, your fairy shoe mother is making all your dreams come true.  This summer, Christian Louboutin, the man who has served up 20 years of shoe magic of his own, is teaming up with Disney to design Cinderella a sparkling new pair of fashion-forward glass slippers.  His daring red soles have never failed to make you feel like a princess, so just imagine the exquisite pair of heels he will craft for Miss Cindy!

Can’t wait for the final stroke of midnight to catch a glimpse of his forthcoming creation?  Whet your glamour appetite with a trip to London to check out the special Christian Louboutin Exhibit at The Design Museum, which showcases the vision and craftsmanship that have defined this celebrated designer’s high-flying career. A little closer to home, you can take a stroll over to Wyndham Street to test your willpower and your credit limits in the designer’s new Hong Kong boutique, by trying on pair after pair of dazzling stilettos. If that’s still not enough shoe action for you, you can download the fashion house’s first App for iPhone, which puts all of Louboutin’s luxurious creations right at your fingertips. Browse through the latest collections and pin your favorites to your own personal wish list.  With any luck, another bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, and you’ll be slipping your toes into your own coveted pair, the ones that will enchant your Prince Charming and have you skipping down Hong Kong’s streets happily ever after.

Christian Louboutin for Cinderella – July 2012
10-12 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2530 2198

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