October 25, 2013

Kitchen Confidential

It’s not often in Hong Kong that you get offered the chance to eat charcuterie with E.T. in a submarine, but if that sort of thing floats your boat (or should we say, sinks your submarine…) then you should take a wander along Arbuthnot Road to Salon No 10. In fact, scratch that. Even if you don’t really care about flying bicycle riding aliens or sub-aquatic watercrafts – if all you really want is some damn good charcuterie – get yourself down to Salon No 10 immediately.

You may already know this uber-cool little speakeasy for it’s submarine-surreal décor (including an E.T. mural), it’s laidback live music or it’s knee-weakeningly fabulous cocktails. What you probably haven’t heard yet is that Chef Austin (of Brickhouse fame) has quietly taken up residence in the Salon No 10 kitchens, and he’s even managing to outshine the portholes and the pianist.

The new menu is a compact collection of simple, seasonal comfort food with a creative edge and Chef Austin’s attention to detail is palpable from the moment we arrive. Service is speedy, chirpy and helpful – a trio rarer than an extra-terrestrial in a submarine eating cured meats. And speaking of cured meats, back to that charcuterie… As we’re sipping a couple of excellently mixed Aperol Spritzes, we’re presented with what we’ll quite happily crown the King Kong of charcuterie. A wooden board crammed with slithers of salamis, hams, pickles, a house-made pork terrine and a little jar of the most divinely boozy chicken liver pate just begging to be smeared on great hunks of bread and drizzled with honey.

Other highlights include the poached halibut served atop a bed of home-made buttery pappardelle and a seasonal salad of dino kale, carrots and finger-licking amazing quinoa croutons all tossed together with a super scrumptious chickpea dressing.  Oh, and the truffle mash. The pan-fried beef tenderloin and braised leeks were flawless, but that truffled potato puree is the stuff dreams are made of.

When you’re fit to pop, it’s time to ask ‘What Would E.T. Do?’, decide not to phone home, and get stuck into something sweet. On our visit this was a jar of the decadently rich rum chocolate pudding topped with citrus-spiked whipped cream.

Chef Austin assures us that the menu will change regularly to keep things fresh and to make the very most of the best of what’s available to him. So while we can’t guarantee you’ll be served the quinoa croutons or (sob) the charcuterie, we’re pretty certain that whatever’s on the menu is assured to be a series of dishes of first rate, straight-up deliciousness.  And when all’s said and done even just telling people you ate your dinner last night 200 leagues under the sea with an alien is probably cool enough in itself.

Salon No. 10
10 Arbuthnot Road
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2801 6768

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