June 21, 2012

Louboutin + Cinderella = Magic!That’s amore!  They’ve done it again.  The geniuses behind Posto Pubblico are tossing their authentic New York-style pizza pies up in the air and into our oh-so-deserving bellies at a cozy new outpost in Soho.  Pizzeria Pubblico, tucked in devilishly close to Pure Fitness in Kinwick Centre, is now open for business and dishing up the best pizza pies this side of the Hudson River. Home-made mozzarella and toppings made fresh daily? Check. Gorgeous golden crusts made from scratch? Check. Generations-old family recipes? Check. Rumbling sounds coming from your tummy? Double check.  Three changing daily specials alongside three classic offerings are conveniently available by the slice.  Take just one simultaneously crispy and chewy bite of this utter deliciousness and you are sure to fall in love.

Pizzeria Pubblico
G/F, Tsun Wing Lane, Soho
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2530 2779

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