November 16, 2012

Wild Grass Restaurant Launches in CentralYou love nothing more than gathering a big group of friends for a home cooked meal whipped up from organic, locally farmed ingredients.  The only issue is the matchbox proportions of your kitchen. And the fact that your dining table only seats two. Oh, and then there’s your general lack of cooking skills… Luckily Hong Kong’s sparkliest, newest, gastro-opening, Wild Grass, takes the home out of home-cooking, making aprons, saucepans and your humble abode non-essential ingredients for your next dinner party.

Gather your guests on Arbuthnot Road, head up the brightly tiled staircase and make yourselves at home around one of Wild Grass’ big communal dining tables.  The light, airy, whitewashed dining space is given an air of French farmhouse eco-chic with plenty of warm wood and reclaimed, recycled rattan furniture dotted between recipe book stacked shelves and copper pot filled dressers.

Serving up simple but flawlessly executed dishes, Wild Grass sources the best organic ingredients for its hearty, seasonal menu. Head chef Jean-Paul Gauci focuses on traditional recipes (many passed down from his grandmother) – think roasts, stews and nursery food favourites with a little sprinkle of French je ne sai quois. The restaurant’s specialty is beef of the wild, grass-fed variety from cattle who’ve spent their days romping across the Australian outback and we guarantee that you can taste the difference. Not a meat lover? Wild Grass has Pescatorians covered with sustainable fish options and Vegetarians catered for with inventive, farm-fresh vegetable dishes.

A word of warning – ensure that you leave space for dessert. Crème brulee served custard tart style in a crumbly pastry case and simple delights like apple turnovers with whipped cream will have you licking the plate clean.

The bill? Surprisingly very reasonable, with the set three course menu coming in at just HK$390. Your reputation as a domestic goddess who hosts dinner parties featuring mouthwatering, eco-conscious menus? Priceless.

Wild Grass
1/F, 4-8 Arbuthnot Road
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2810 1189

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