November 9, 2012

Glow and BeholdIt’s official, Britain’s world famous and much loved health and beauty brand, Boots, has now arrived in Hong Kong and is here to primp, plump and preen every humidity-stricken beauty woe into blissful delight.  Partnering with Mannings, Boots has brought 15 of its highly popular in-house beauty brands to Hong Kong including No7 Skincare and Cosmetics, Boots Botanics, Champneys Spa range, Boots Extracts and Boots Natural Collection.  In the No7 range you can expect to find its multiple award-winning Protect & Perfect line including the Protect & Perfect Serum which when launched in the UK, caused a wild shopping frenzy and sold out in moments.  Once it was reissued shoppers waited in line from 5am and at one point were limited to only one per person!  Other popular and luscious products include those from the Boots Extracts range which use either shea or cocoa butter in every product and are community traded and sustainably sourced.  The gorgeous Botanics collection uses active plant extracts developed with the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew to bring beautiful skincare that works. To start, Boots will initially be available in ten flagship Mannings stores in Hong Kong including IFC Mall, Elements Mall, Presidents Theatre in Causeway Bay, Quarry Bay and Hong Kong International Airport, where a Boots Beauty Advisor will be on hand to answer any questions about the brand.

You’d better make some room in those bathroom cabinets!


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