March 25, 2015

The Diary of Ms. 852 – Part 3

Friday 27th February
Calories: 1,170 (Does not include martinis which may explain why martinis had such stellar effect)
Alcohol units: unknown but would estimate at somewhere roughly three times the recommended weekly allowance for any normal human.

Am drunk in love.

And drunk.

Very, very drunk. But also very, very in love.


Saturday 28th February
Calories: 3,870 (v.v. bad – blame martini hangover, but who cares, am in love)
Number of wedding magazines purchased: 4 (can never be too prepared for when man of dreams pops question in unexpected whirlwind romance proposal week after you first met)

What a difference a day makes.

This time yesterday awoke to soul crushing flashbacks of nightmare Dreamy Personal Trainer incident and a nagging knot of nerves about prospect of meeting up with random man who I had drenched in hot coffee post gym-ejection.

Picked up phone to re-read last night’s exchange of flirty messages with Coffee Man only to simultaneously notice that had horrifically overslept and that it was ten minutes past the start of my team Friday Morning Meeting. Jumped in shower before racing round flat at breakneck speed pulling on random collection of clothes, while attempting to pull comb through hair and brush teeth. Arrived at office just as team were streaming out of Friday Morning Meeting whereupon boss did double take and asked whether I had confused dress down Friday with ‘come to work dressed as a homeless person day’.

Decided that only my Fairy Godmother or, at a push, the high priestesses of beauty at Caudalie, could save me from sending Coffee Man running screaming in the opposite direction this evening. After general central role it has been playing in my life recently, now have the Caudalie Boutique on speed dial, so at just push of single button can be on path to some semblance of looking at least passable again.

As lunch hour struck, dashed off to the Gough Street store where angelic Caudalie therapist met me with a cup of detox tea and settled me into the enveloping embrace of one of the huge armchairs at the back of the boutique. Minutes later Jess arrived wincing rather insensitively as she caught sight of my hobo-chic look. Then, in the space of time it would usually take us to inhale a sandwich at Pret, the Caudalie crew mani and pedi’d us while we ran through all possible Coffee Man date scenarios and devised cunning SOS call sign just in case date turned out to be ruse for kidnapping attempt.

On way out, Jess wheeled me around the store grabbing bottles and pots as she went, assembling her core kit of Caudalie game changers for me to take back to the office for a little last minute pre-date prep. Felt slightly offended at sheer volume of products she seemed to deem essential to get me back on track. Felt much better when Caudalie assistant gave product selection a very approving nod and then, picking up frosted spray bottle of Beauty Elixir, declared this Victoria Beckham’s go to secret weapon – a smoothing complexion booster that VB uses to set her make-up. Have always known VB and I are v.v. similar, now clearly apparent we are basically twins.

Back to office for a light afternoon of paper shuffling interspersed with ‘last-minute client meetings’ at various make-up counters around town and a little shopping spree at Lane Crawford (hello, brand new slinky wrap dress and spike-heeled peep-toes – all the better for showing that pedi off).

By 8pm was looking fairly foxy (even if I do say so myself). Left office and sauntered slowly towards the Four Seasons – vital to arrive after date has begun to get slightly concerned that you’ll be standing him up, but not late enough for him to get fed-up and stand you up. Quickly realized new peep-toes were making saunter take longer than planned, panicked that Coffee Man would be eyeing up escape routes, switched peep toes for emergency pair of flats stashed in handbag and sprinted at Jessica Ennis speed towards Blue Bar. Arrived in lobby looking less glam-glowy, more sweaty mess.

Zipped into bathrooms where raised silent prayer to Jess’ innate Caudalie wisdom. A swoosh of the mineral bronzing powder followed by a quick spritz of VB’s fav Beauty Elixir, and I was back to bushy-tailed levels of hotness. Slipped peep-toes back on and swept into Blue Bar where immediately spied Coffee Man sitting with his back to me on a barstool sipping a martini and chatting to the barman. Suddenly gripped by abject terror that he would twirl around to reveal elephant man in a suit. But, as I turned on my peep-toed heel to high tail it out of there, Coffee Man suddenly swiveled round on his stool catching me in his molten chocolate Clooney-esque gaze. In fact, Clooney comparisons are a total insult, Coffee Man it turned out, is leaps and bounds more gorgeous than George, he is just the most beautiful human I had ever clapped eyes on. And just like that, Coffee Man became Mr. Perfect.

He stood, and in one fluid movement, pulled out my stool, grazed my cheek with a deliciously stubbly kiss hello and handed me a second martini glass brimming with icy briny vodka topped with three cocktail stick spiked olives. Which is just about the last thing I can clearly recollect. The rest of the evening passed in a seductive, candlelit blur of chinking glasses, flirty laughing and finally a movie-flawless goodnight kiss.

Which brings me to peeling open my eyes this morning to a slightly fuzzy head and not even a glancing thought of Dreary PT, only sublime flashbacks to the date of every girl’s dreams with Mr. Perfect.

What a difference a day makes.

Friday 6th March
Calories: 1,250 (v.good, strict pre-wedding diet as recommended by Your Perfect Day Magazine is going v. well indeed, as is Bride Bootcamp that signed up for on Wednesday, having to remember to remove fake engagement ring after each training session is slightly tedious but unfortunately necessary)

Mr. Perfect lives up to his name in absolutely every respect. Is obviously knee-bucklingly good looking with James Bond levels of charm and razor-sharp sense of humour, but also has high-powered job at luxury fashion conglomerate.

Yesterday, surprised me at the office with a two dozen red roses delivered inside the it-bag of the season (which according to Vogue costs approximately the same amount as six weeks of salary). Am obviously not gold-digging harlot, am merely illustrating that Mr. Perfect knows his H&M from his Hermes – a v.v. rare quality in a man, not least in a devastatingly good looking man. The perfection doesn’t end there though. Tied to the stem of one of the luscious scarlet blooms was a stiff cream envelope. Tearing it open, discovered note reading:

To the most delicious woman in the 852 – Airport Express tomorrow evening 6pm, bring passport, toothbrush and bikini. x”

Am clearly being whisked off on exotic, romantic mini-break. Am too overexcited for words. Have done as instructed and followed Mr. Perfect’s packing list to the letter. Well, sort of to the letter. May also have stopped by the Caudalie Boutique on the way to the Airport Express, you know just for a couple of holiday essentials. Suncream is obviously a mini-break must. I absolutely had to get a travel-sized bottle of Beauty Elixir for a mid-flight pick-me-up. And, after a day lounging by a turquoise pool, tanned limbs need to be smothered in a generous glug of Divine Oil (which not only delivers a serious moisture boost but smells like summer in a bottle).

While the Caudalie girl loaded my purchases into my brand new It-bag, enquired about possibility of hiring entire spa. It just suddenly struck me that it would be ideal spot to take a group of your very best girlfriends for an afternoon of luxe pampering. The sort of place for, I don’t know… maybe a hen party… You know, just in case a perfect man decided to use a perfect minibreak as the stage for a perfect proposal…

To register for a chance to attend a private event at Caudalie Boutique Spa, please email contact@dimsumandthensome.com.hk with your name and postal address.

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Stay tuned! The Winner of the Caudalie Premier Cru Facial for two will be announced this Friday!

Caudalie Boutique Spa
3 Gough Street, Central
+852 2319 1006

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