July 4, 2014

Bring It Back Home

We diners of Hong Kong are blessed with just about every type of cuisine imaginable. From Peruvian to Thai to Italian, we can get anything we want and we can get it good. But sometimes, despite our worldly palates, it is nice to bring it back home and have a nice big helping of Hong Kong on our plate. And sizzling new Mott 32, with its farm-to-table Cantonese home cooking is ready to dish it out.

The restaurant is named after the very first Chinese convenience store in Chinatown, New York, which was opened by a Hong Kong family at, (you guessed it!) 32 Mott Street and helped bring a love of Chinese cooking to the West. However, this sleek, sexy dining spot is far more Meatpacking District chic than Chinatown chow.

Located in a buzzy, low-lit space in the basement of the Standard Chartered Building and designed by Joyce Wang (of AMMO fame) to incorporate industrial elements of New York along with imperial Chinese design, Mott 32 serves up a sizable helping of cool along with its piping hot dumplings.

The menu is focused on Cantonese, Sichuan, and Beijing cooking styles with the freshest ingredients possible. Must try dishes include the Kurobota Pork & Caviar Xiao Long Bao, Crispy Sugar Coated BBQ Spanish Teruel Pork Buns, Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck (24-hour advance order required) and the Barbecue Prime Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey (only 8 portions served daily), which has already become renowned as the best Char Siu in town.

The carefully researched cocktail menu with unique Chinese flavours like the “On Leong Tea” made with Denizen Rum, Osmanthus & Oolong Tea, Passion Fruit & Guava and the “Anna Wong,” made with Tangerine Peel Infused Gin, Osmanthus Honey, Lemon & Egg White Foam will make you homesick for more.

Ahh, there’s no place like home.

Mott 32
Basement, Standard Chartered Building
4-4a Des Voeux Road, Central
+852 2886 8688
Reservations strongly recommended

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