May 29, 2015

Barcelona Bites

A night out in Barcelona inevitably involves a preparatory siesta, an 11pm dinner, a dizzying array of cheese, meat, tapas and wine, a migration to the nearest discoteca, and a few hours of strobe-lit dance floor antics, which eventually leads you to baila to the beach just before sunrise…   La Paloma, named after the oldest nightclub in Barcelona, is Hong Kong’s newest Spanish foodie hotspot, bringing the casual, lighthearted dining and drinking spirit of Barcelona to the heart of Sai Ying Pun.

Like all the best spots in town, La Paloma takes a little detective work to find, but once you make your way around the side of the building, past the art gallery, up the elevator, and follow the bird tracks (La Paloma translates to “dove” in Spanish), you will find yourself in an expansive and playfully decorated dining room, flanked by a breezy outdoor terrace.  Sure to be the scene of many a racy rendezvous, the bar is set in an old fashioned recording studio and serves up chart-topping cocktails like “Passion Sangria” - White sangria with fresh passion fruit, mango, white wine, lemonade, and a kick of spirits, and “Rebujito Tio Pepe” – Sherry with Sprite and fresh mint.

If you like a little drama with your dinner, sit with a front row view of the live Paella station where the chefs cook up four different kinds of everyone’s favourite flavour-filled rice including Paella Valenciana made with chicken, broad beans and artichoke, Paella de Bogavante made with lobster and saffron, Arroz Negro made with squid ink and prawn, and Arroz a la Cazuela made with seafood, Iberian pork and vegetables. If you’re looking to heat things up a little more, try one of the roasted specialties, like Suckling Pig, Milk-fed Lamb, or Beef Short Ribs, made in La Paloma’s “El Asador” traditional clay oven, which can reach temps up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Dishes on the can’t miss list include: “Pulpo a la gallega” - Octopus with potato, smoked paprika and olive oil, “Bacon con queso” – Bacon and cheese explosive air baguettes, “Rotos” – Broken eggs with roasted peppers and spicy chorizo, and one of the simplest and best desserts of all time – “Bollycao” – Nutella chocolate brioche buns – for a fittingly decadent finale.

And just like every incredible night out in Barcelona, you’ll wake up the next morning, a little fuzzy, a little worse for wear, but wanting to do it all again the next evening!

La Paloma
1/F, SoHo 189, 189 Queen’s Road West
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
+852 2291 6161

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