January 30, 2015

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You and New Year’s Resolutions are generally a pretty bad combination. A New Year means mourning mulled wine and sequins – a tragedy you generally only manage to get over with copious shopping and cocktails. Saving money, cutting carbs and a ban on alcohol just make January unbearably miserable, and with the next glittering, Champagne-soaked holiday season now a full twelve months away, the last thing anyone needs is more misery.

This year, you decided to kick off 2015 with a set of rules that you can actually live by:
1. Diarise at least an afternoon of monthly me-time;
2. Treat yourself like your own best friend;
And, most importantly…
3. Eat more chocolate.

So, you were pretty excited when you noticed that The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel seems intent on making your 2015 resolutions all the easier to stick to with their brand new Biologique Recherche Vernix 3R Facial. Promising to revive dull and lackluster complexions and deliver baby-soft skin that looks younger and smoother, this 90-minute treatment ticks all your beauty boxes as well as giving you a whole hour and a half of blissed-out pampering.

Arrive early to take full advantage of the Spa’s state of the art facilities or just snuggle up in one of the Four Seasons’ cocoon-like robes and get horizontal in the relaxation room until treatment o’clock rolls around. In the spirit of resolution number two, you’ll have booked yourself into one of the Spa’s VIP Suites complete with stellar harbor views, an in-room Jacuzzi and a spread of refreshments. While you wait for your therapist, it’s wise to accelerate complete zen-like relaxation by gazing out at the Star Ferry gliding back and forth beneath the sky scrapers while sipping on a cup of chamomile tea. At which point, you’re likely to clock the jarful of chocolate marshmallows and wonder whether you can skip the treatment and just spend the next hour and a half gorging on these squares of pillowy cocoa-tastic heaven (while also mentally putting a large tick next to resolution number three).

All nonsensical facial-skipping thoughts will dissipate though, when your therapist glides in and bathes your feet while explaining the treatment and running through some preliminary questions about your skin. After asking you to make the tricky blinds up, blinds down decision, your therapist will help you climb up and sink down onto the cloudlike bed and swathe you in blankets at which point you’re highly likely to decide you’re bedding in for the night. When the treatment begins and your face is gently cleansed, massaged and anointed with serums and potions — including the star 3R Serum, which revitalizes, reconstructs and regenerates deficient skin, and the hero Crème Masque Vernix which replicates the protective layer on a baby’s skin at birth smoothing dehydration wrinkles and boosting the repair capacity of the epidermis — staying the night will very probably escalate to taking up permanent residence.

Ninety idyllic minutes later, after your face has been gently countoured by a state-of-the-art Remodeling Face machine, which improves the absorption of active ingredients and revitalizes skin tone, your therapist will wake you from a dreamy snooze with a head massage so great your toes tingle. Your initial despair at the treatment being over will quickly be replaced by delirious excitement at the thought of finishing off those chocolate marshmallows. More exciting still though, is the glowy, double-take-worthy complexion that you glimpse in the mirror on the way to the refreshments room. Closer examination reveals plump, hydrated skin that makes you feel ten years younger and supermodel smug.

Ninety minutes of unadulterated me-time, top and tailed with fistfuls of chocolate marshmallows, that leaves you looking better than you’ve looked in a very, very long time – sounds like 2015 could well be the first year that you’ve found a way to keep your New Year’s resolutions for a whole twelve months…

Biologique Recherche Vernix 3R Facial
@ The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
8 Finance Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 3196 8888
(HK$2200 on weekdays, HK$2400 on weekends)

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