January 22, 2016

This weekend, it won’t just be the cold weather that has your cheeks glowing… Try these innovative new winter treatments and refresh, restore and revitalize from the inside out.

1. Second Skin at Four Seasons Spa
It’s no secret that we live in a technologically advanced world. And for 2016, even beauty treatments are getting a high tech upgrade. Four Seasons Spa introduces the revolutionary Second Skin from Biologique Recherche, utilizing a hyaluronic acid electro-spun machine, which acts like a 3D printer for your face, visibly lifting and accelerating skin renewal where it is most needed. This 60-minute facial starts with a lymphatic drainage massage, and application of Biologique Recherche’s signature product Lotion P50 to restore pH balance of the skin. Second Skin patches are then applied to select areas to increase firmness, reshape facial contour and reduce wrinkles, followed by an application of their famous Crème Masque Vernix. In a nutshell, this facial is a non-invasive way of using medical grade hyaluronic acid, known to mimic the effects of fillers – leaving your skin plump, smooth, unmistakably youthful. HK$3,000 M-F; $3,360 Weekends for 60 minutes

2. Rose Hydrator Massage at Flawless Spa
Since it opened its doors, Flawless has developed a crazed following of women and men in the city who just can’t get enough of the spa’s perfect blend of relaxing and effective treatments mixed with stylised service. To ensure its devotees and newbie spa explorers are set for 2016, Flawless introduces the Rose Hydrator Body Treatment. The treatment commences with a gentle body scrub removing dead skin, followed by application of creams and oils rich in damask rose, known for both hydration, moisture, and renewal properties. A wrap follows to seal the essential oils in, allowing them to penetrate the skin, while an Ayurvedic scalp massage lift and brightens spirits. A full body ritual aimed at restoring resilience to skin, this treatment is the perfect antidote for dry, damaged winter skin.  HK$980 for 60 minutes

3. Romantic Spa New Year Celebration at Chuan Spa
A spa experience is one of the most sensual things you can share with your love, so why not start off the new year by treating yourselves with Chuan Spa’s “Romantic Spa New Year Celebration“? The indulgent 2.5 hour experience kicks off with a 30-minute Champagne Jacuzzi Bath, setting the relaxing, romantic mood. You will then be treated to a 75-minute body wrap using Thalgo products – known for their rich moisturising and nourishing properties derived from seaweed. A 45-minute nourishing facial concludes the treatment, leaving you and your amour feeling pampered from head-to-toe. If you feel like a little more indulgence is needed, you can tack on a 30-minute heavenly massage! A host of other perks are available for those who embark on this romantic spa journey, from product discounts to complimentary spa product giveaways, so get booking. HK$2600 for 150 minutes (2 guests); 30-minute massage supplement at HK$300 per person

4. Cocoa Indulgence Journey at Melo Spa
How to indulge in heavenly chocolate while staying on your January detox? Melo Spa’s Cocoa Indulgence Journey. This treatment celebrates the versatility and fabulous healing properties of cocoa, starting with a chocolate body scrub which removes dead skin to reveal a healthy glow, all the while stimulating your sense of smell with the pleasant and familiar scent of chocolate. This is followed by a nourishing cocoa body massage utilising pure cocoa oil which not only nourishes skin but promotes deep relaxation and reduces stress. As if this wasn’t enough, chocolate also contains anti-aging compounds that promote long lasting beauty. You may choose to supplement this yummy treatment with a 30-minute relaxing milk bath and mini massage for a fulfilling spa day leaving you completely in bliss. To celebrate the festive season, you will receive a special spa gift to take home. HK$1,399 per person for 80 minutes; milk bath and massage supplement HK$599

5. Premier Cru Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial at Caudalie Boutique Spa
This winter season Caudalie helps you battle signs of aging with a luxurious facial infused with anti-oxidants to help you achieve an enviable glow. A stimulating accupressure massage starts the treatment, followed by an application of the new and exclusive Resveratrol Hydrogel Mask, which lifts and tones the face. Caudalie hero product Premier Cru The Elixir is then applied acting as a “youth booster” before an application of Premier Cru The Cream along with The Eye Cream. After this relaxing yet results oriented treatment, you will step back out onto Gough street with a brightness and youthfulness that will make you the envy of all who happen upon you! HK$1,080 for 50 minutes; HK$1,380 for 75 minutes

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